“Tears of happiness and the grief”: Emotional Valieva manifests itself

“These days were very hard for me,” said the 15-year-old Russian state television on Monday. “I am pleased, but at the same time I’m emotionally tired,” she said and began to cry. “That’s probably tears of happiness, but also the grief,” she added. “And yet I am definitely happy to be at the Olympics and try to represent my country.”

The Valieva celebrated as a sparkler had already been positively tested on the National Championships in St. Petersburg on the National Championships in St. Petersburg on the forbidden retirement trimetazidine. The result was only before she had led the Russian team in Beijing to Olympicieg.

On Monday, the International Sport Court CAS refused after an express proceedings against the cancellation of its preliminary lock. This allowed Valieva to start in single competition, which begins this Tuesday. However, the CAS judges have not yet decided on a possible rewinding of the medals for the team competition or other consequences for Valieva and their accompanying personnel. If Valieva comes to the podium in the Pekinger’s individual competition, the medals will not be awarded until clarifying the case.

Meanwhile, the Russian anti-doping agency (Rusada) rejected allegations, they carry a complementary debt at the delay in the evaluation of Valievas sample. This was sent to the relevant laboratory in Stockholm in time, Rusada said. However, the laboratory had shared a little later that the evaluation is delayed due to the current Corona situation.

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Later, Stockholm assured that the sample is primarily treated and the result will be present before the beginning of the Olympic Games. Nevertheless, it was ultimately only on February 7 at Rusada – when Valieva had already led the team of the Russian Olympic Committee to victory in Beijing.

The schedule of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing