Platinum games: would agree to a takeover if freedom was preserved

Atsushi Inaba, recently transported to the CEO and President of Platinum Games, talked about the numerous acquisitions in the video game industry.

Of course you also talked about the MEGA deal from Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

It addressed whether one is open for offers, Inaba said that freedom in the development of games was the most important thing. He also does not believe that Microsoft restricts the freedoms of Activision Blizzard and would control them.

“The most important thing for us is that we have the freedom to make the games we want to do. After what I’ve heard about the recent acquisitions, I do not believe that Microsoft will start to control Activision so that you take all the freedom… I do not think it will come to such a relationship. “

If you receive an offer where you would continue to respect the freedom of PlatinumGames, he would not reject a takeover.

“I think it will give a lot of mutual respect and I think Activision will continue to do what you can best. This is also what is most important to us at the end of the day, in whatever form that is happening for us and our company. So I would not refuse anything as long as our freedom is still respected. “

In Japan, mergers are not common at all, as Inaba notes. He finds it strange that that happens more often.

“I agree that one sees that in Japan often often, and I personally find it strange. “With some of these great companies with all your money you sometimes think: ‘ Buys a few companies! ‘It’s strange that Japanese companies are passive all the time.