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It is informed that Goldeneye 007 Remaster will be announced soon

The rumored Remaster of the classic Nintendo 64 shooting game ojo golden 007 will apparently be announced very soon. Near the end of 2021, a list of Xbox achievements that suggests that ojo 007 would return in some way at the same time in the near future. And although we still have to receive an official confirmation that _ojo _ojo, it will actually return, it seems that we will not have to wait much more to know about the existence of the Remaster.

In a recent episode of the Giant Bomb Grubbsnaxel videos presenter Jeff Grubb stated that the rumored Remaster of ojo 007 should be properly revealed in the coming weeks. Grubb stated that he believes that Xbox will be the company that formally announced this return of ojo gold, which is a bit unexpected given that the original game was launched on a Nintendo platform. However, considering that the developer of the original game, Rare, now belongs to Xbox Game Studios, this makes a lot of sense. However, even saying this, Rare is not necessarily the study that is said to be developing this possible remastery of the game.

Speaking more than when this remaster of ojo 007 will actually happen, Grubb also declared that he believes that the game itself could be launched quite fast after being presented. “I think this game will probably arrive very soon, I’m thinking about the next two weeks,” Grubb said. A specific launch date or window was not provided, but it seems that we could be going back to ojo 007 at some point in this spring if everything goes well.

Obviously, we still have a lot to learn about this return of ojo 007 since there has been so little information. However, every time we listen more about this remaster, we will make sure to keep you informed here at

Goldeneye 007 Remaster LEAK On Nintendo Switch and Xbox NEXT WEEK!?
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