“We tackled things”: COD Warzone

The Free2Play Shooter Call of Duty: Warzone is still pretty popular, but has been struggling with numerous bugs, glitches and other annoying problems since the launch of the new Caldera map. Patches do not improve, so many players are slowly losing patience.

And the developers in a conversation. ** In a conversation with influencers, the team was behind the Battle Royale shooter, including about Infinity Ward Studio Head Pat Kelly, repentant and used therbes vocabulary ( Via Kotaku).

We have twisted things. We broke it. We are not happy with it. No excuses.

Pat Kelly, Infinite was Studio Head

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Warzone was initially planned differently

Activision Director Josh Bridge added that you are not satisfied with the current status of the game and that you have evidently explored the boundaries of your own technology, especially by the addition of the assets of the two past COD parts. As a result, Warzone has to be inflated, which in turn makes it difficult to find individual bugs and fix.

The details of the conversation suggest that the Technical Construct is simply gaining the technical construct behind Warzone with increasing popularity. Because according to Pat Kelly, Warzone was first planned only as part of the 2019 Modern Warfare.

Fatal decision: When the shooter was then always and more popular, one decided to integrate future parts into the Free2Play game and continue to expand the warz1. Apparently an error and an explanation for the current state of the game, Pat Kelly describes as “Limbo Status” and provides another alarming quote:

It no longer felt like modern warfare, but not like black ops.

Pat Kelly, Infinite was Studio Head

Nevertheless, the team does not want to put the heads in the sand, instead, they praised improvement and a clearer communication with the players. You wanted to fix the game, but have only limited time. Finally, Season 2 is in front of the door, which has ever been postponed to get warzone in a stable status.

Here is the current Cinematic trailer for Season 2 of Warzone:

Brings Warzone 2 really improvement?

Due to the technical condition of Warzone, speculation had already shot into the herb during the past few weeks that the problems may not be tried at all and the team with a “Warzone 2” on a new technical basis quasi is trying to restart.

And exactly this on a new engine running “new Warzone experience” has now been announced, along with the next “big” Call of Duty Part, which will become a direct successor to Modern Warfare (2019).

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It will be exciting to see what happens when the new warzone appears with the old 1. Are the two go together? Are both running in parallel? And is it actually possible to completely eliminate the current problems? Questions that are probably answered only during the year. Anyway, the developers will have to be measured at their words.

Do you still play warzone?