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LOL: What are the worst game champions without objects? This is the response of mathematics

One of the most common tricks of Riot Games to adjust League of Legends Without most players realize is to manipulate the basic statistics of the champions. Almost nobody pays attention to these records and allow to increase or reduce the power of the characters without altering the gameplay, as well as granting weaknesses that compensate some of their mechanics. Not everything in such a complex game is a matter of numbers, but it is easy to check what the heroes to which the developers try to limit to a greater extent **.

The weakest League of Legends champions

Each League of Legends statistics has a gold value associated with measuring the efficiency of objects objectively. A logic that allows assessing the items and that can also be applied to the champions. In this way, the data of the base statistics of all the characters were collected to order them according to how much they would cost in money. A measurement based on mathematics that has allowed us to determine which ones are the worst during the first minutes of a heading . Keep in mind that the value of Mana was not taken into account to equate all champions.

The first thing that catches attention seeing the results is that none of the characters is particularly bad in a real starting situation. In fact, most of them are at the top of the Tier List in their respective positions. This is because the most extreme cases are usually justified before the need to weaken the champions to compensate for other features. For example, in the case of orianna the problem is in the passive that increases the damage of its basic attacks and ease to carry out exchanges using its shield in the first three levels.

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The rest of the cases are not different. Sona Experience a similar situation with the aggregate that you can launch skills without rest and press Line Rivals a lot from the support position, Annie has a stun from the first level and Anivia Lastrated by his resurrection passive that gives him an additional life. A more curious case is that of karthus : Most Nerfs who have suffered in base statistics have been to highlight the characteristic of it as one of the best champions of League of Legends in the Late Game.

If we wanted to do the opposite exercise, the champion of all League of Legends with the most valuable statistics at the level one would be Tryndamere (4,901) . We already indicated the innate power of this champion when we determined that he would be the best character if no objects existed. The situation, yes, could change soon. Riot Games could be thinking about reducing his power due to the spectacular performances he has in competitive. A situation that could make you lose your privilege position because of maokai (4,836) that your heels are piss.

In case you ask you, fighters and tanks are the privileged champions to a greater extent by the base statistics, thanks to the need for statistics in which there is a bit of everything. They are not necessarily brilliant in any section, but the sum of all of them makes them occupy, practically, the first 50 positions of the Basic Statistics Ranking of League of Legends.