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Blizzard to unpack alliance and Hordes ever distinction in Wow, soon all striking together – “Times change”

MASSIVIINE GAME WORLD OF WARCRAFTIN Players can cooperate, regardless of the iconic groupings of the game, their character.

Blizzard, developing the game, tells that, with the change, Alliance and Horde players can pass together with caves and tracks and participate in Rated PVP players on the same side. The groups will also naturally communicate with each other in Groupchat.

Outside the above mentioned instances, players in different groupings can not continue to work together. Nor can it be called players from outside of your group.

Developers tell us that they are important that no one is forced to play with another group. Thus, the members of the second group will not be received in the content where the members of the Party or the RAID group are automatically selected.

According to Blizzard, the change does not have a still upcoming 9.2 content update. The joint playing of the groupings is due to begin with the next 9.2.5 update, whose publication date is not yet known.

Blizzard corrected his message

Breakdown of players’ characters with each other in the Fighting Alliance and Horde’s forces have been an iconic part of World of Warcraft for over 17 years, always from its publication, namely since November 2004.

However, there has been a number of speeches on behalf of the dismantling of separation, which are justified by any difficulty to find the gaming club and certain servers drastically unbalanced distribution between factions.

In November 2019, Blizzard, Blizzard, rejected the idea of ​​the common fewer of the Alliance and Horde. At that time, the game director Ion Hazikostas stated in the Blizzcon event that the distinction between gaming mechanics between Alliance and Horde is a “key part of what makes warcraft warcraft“.

World of Warcraft director Ion Hazikostas did not consider the removal of the separation as a probable yet a couple of years ago. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

In Monday, Blizzard notes that that of that comment was too steep. The company seats its message by specifying that in its view, it is the key to the group’s own identity and not so much the playing effects.

Blizzard says he would like to have a change that the player’s identity as a member of his group is only strengthened when they no longer need to belong to a particular group to get to play together with their friends.
In addition, Blizzard recalls the players that Alliance and Horde have made over the years warcraft in the story several times.

However, Blizzard does not tell you why it ended up to dismantle the separation right now. The company will only be content to lend his own character to Garrhh Hellscream’s words:

“Times change.”

The World of Warcraft 9.2 update demonstration video received a Nuiva reception in Youtube in November. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Difficult year to WOW

The world of Warcraft and its developers have received a lot of wide-ranging criticisms during the last year.

In the illustration, there have been, among other things, freedom of choice of game mechanics, dumbbell and wind-shaped tagged story and new headshirt and slow update bar.

The first presentation of the upcoming 9.2 content update has not convinced the players. Some experienced the development of the developers spoken by the video as they, for example, they called the features of the new game area as “unique” and “unprecedented”, even though the corresponding was in the game 15 years ago.

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A clear image loss can also be considered to be some known criminals such as asmongold and preach , wowin the main competitor, ie Square Enix final fantasy XIV: n.

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