Destiny 2

News in Destiny 2 exclusively on PlayStation? Sony bought a bungie!

Microsoft went shopping and for $ 68 billion purchased Activision Blizzard (finalizing everything will take a maximum of half next year). Sony also found that it’s time to broaden your portfolio, which is why it bought a bungie for $ 3.6 billion. Does this mean that Destiny 2 will be an exclusive game for PlayStation? No.

Bungie assured that it preserves full creative independence and continue to work with its productions. It is worth adding here that the company has several new games in plans, including not all they will be based on the world of Destiny. Developers also emphasized that they still support Cross-platform, and to this desire to make the current and future productions available on all devices.

SONY BUYS BUNGIE! The Internet Reacts, Destiny Exclusive? US Govt. Critical of Xbox Activision Deal!

Theoretically, therefore, the acquisition of Bungie by Sony does not change anything. In practice, the time will show. It may turn out that Destiny 2 will receive some DLC, add-on, novelty, or anything else first on PlayStation, and then on other platforms (temporary exclusivity). Of course, nothing can not happen at all. However, it is worth to keep it in mind.

Bungie announced that you would like to leave Destiny outside the game, creating a movie / serial / animation, so the acquisition by Sony really can actually enable them. I wonder if we will notice the increase in the quality of new products, whether it will be as it was. By the way, I will mention that at the same time PlayStation announced the implementation of integration / cooperation with Discord, so you can connect your accounts and use this communicator on the console.

The purchase of Bungie is a funny situation at all. In the end, this company is responsible for the original halo series that promoted Xbox. Xbox belonging to Microsoft. And this same Microsoft has recently acquired Activision Blizzard, thus accessing a nice dragon and crazy Jamraja, famous for PlayStation Sony!

He is interesting, he is interesting! Especially that this is not the end of Sony purchases!