Here are six things that you did not know about the control mode of Apex Legends

Nine-against-nine, unlimited resrawn, target-based apex legends? Sounds a cry. The new temporally limited control mode, which appears on 8 February with the Apex Season 12 Defiance Update, players really fascinated, and a blog post outlined most of the details, some questions were unanswered.

However, in a media event, the Masterminds behind Control entered into this chaotic LTM to reveal even more interesting details. We will not bother you with all the stuff that you probably already read in the blog post, but here are all the new information we have received from the Game Directors David Swieczko and Mark Yampolsky.

Since this is a casual “playground” mode, developers have also tackled things like ammunition and healing relaxed. In Control, your PC players have 24 weapons unlimited ammo, so you can continue to shoot to your heart’s content. The only exception of this rule is the powerful box weapons that can be obtained by airdrop events that take place throughout the game.

The players will also have EVO shield regeneration and faster healing. There is also no bleeding state.

What did we learn? Well, those of them with eight apex-loving friends would probably have been very excited at the prospect that they would meet all nine in Control. During the event, however, it was confirmed that they can still participate only as a three-party troop, as each team consists essentially of three trio groups.

Swiezcko explains that it would be a “big task” to enable groups with more than three people, but that RPAWN could investigate this for the future when modes return to large teams like Control.

Control Mode Full Gameplay Commentary (Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance)

Screenshots and footage from the Defiance Trailer also seem to show more than one of the same legend in a team. Although we assume that it is at most three (one for each of the three troops from which there is a control team), we have turned to resrawn to clarify this. We will update you if we can.

Swiezcko also gave a practical tip for those who quickly want to achieve their ultimate skills in Control. Their ultimate charge is determined by their valuation number, which of course means that collecting kills or conquering goals will help charge you. However, if you have just died and have many points to get to your next rated scope, you can achieve up to 75% of progress towards the next level by spawning in your home base.

Although the spawn in the home base means that they are on the “furthest from the target distant point”, but it is practical to spawn there if they know that a devastating Ult could turn the sheet.

Finally, we also learned that the ultimate of almost all legends in Control behave as well as in Battle Royale – with only one exception. Lifeline has a little adapted to her care packet to be more useful in Control. Although it can still be summoned in the same way, the content will be slightly different.

“It’s basically the main source for better armor and helmets in Control,” explains Swiezcko. “If you are purple [ratings] stage, for example, she receives a guaranteed drop of purple armor and helmets. But there is the possibility [Getting] Golden Equipment in one of the slots of your care package. “

So that’s all we have learned that the blog post has not told you about Control LTM from Apex Legends. Infinite ammunition, several legends in the same team – that sounds pretty crowded, and we can not wait to get it into your fingers.