HBO The Last of US Series look: Here you can probably stream

The shooting of the HBO series to the The Last of US games are currently still in full swing. For a while we have to probably to be patient until the release of the hot expected consequences. Although there are indications that it could even be so far in 2022, but it speaks that important roles of occupation are also taken.

It is known at least where the series will run – but only in the US. There it will give them to HBO max. But what about this country? After all, there is not the payment transmitter in Germany. An official announcement is not yet available, but at least a very likely candidate.

If you want to know what’s already known to the Last of US series, you will find all the information in our overview:

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For the last of us series you have to pay

HBO-DEAL with SKY: concretely does that means that the Last of US series will most likely land in this country on the PAY TV channel Sky. That is so probably because Sky and HBO still have an exclusive deal for certain territories until 2025 – including Germany. Only then HBO Max could appear in this country too in this country.

Should the awareness, Sky offers a monthly cancellable subscription with Sky Ticket, so you can unsubscribe the service after the end of the first season of The Last of Us again if you want it.

Of course, a model such as the Game of Thrones series would be conceivable. Here, too, Sky had the first broadcaster rights, but the individual episodes could already be streamed for a day after Amazon Prime, iTunes or the Google Playstore.

Not yet confirmed: Currently, however, it is not confirmed information, even if you are likely. Surely we can first be when there is an official announcement. We update this article of course as soon as more info will follow.

Would you get a new streaming service for the The Last of US series, or are you prefer to wait until you can look at you other ways?