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Call of Duty and other Activision Blizzard games will stay on PlayStation

Microsoft has been able to clarify its position on the fate of licenses Activision Blizzard post-redemption: while evoking the issue of openness to other platforms in a post-dated post, Brad Smith chose the map of the Transparency to evoke the future on consoles of the Call of Duty Franchise and countless flagship licenses that the group will recover once the transaction is finalized. A resounding redemption estimated at $ 69 billion, is it need to remind it.

“_To be clear, Microsoft will continue to offer Call of Duty and other popular Series of Blizzard Activision on PlayStation for the duration of the existing agreement with Activision. And we are committed to Sony to make them also available on Playstation Beyond the existing agreement and in the future, so that Sony fans can continue to enjoy the games they like. We also want to take similar action to support the Nintendo Success Platform (the Switch, NDLR). We think it’s the right thing to do for the sector, for the players and for our business. “That’s the merit of being clear, and just as clear as the commentary of Sony on the Future Bungie Games last week.

If Microsoft’s fomula clean a small exit door so as not to engage the entire Catalog Blizzard King on the Multi Platforms, there is no longer any doubt than Call of Duty and the other flagship franchises of L American publisher, Diablo in Overwatch, will continue to see the light of day on an extensive number of machines, whether labeled Sony or Nintendo.

One way to cut off to any possibility of abuse of dominant position, at a time when regulatory authorities will look to validate the transaction? This announcement intervenes in a broader context of openness and legislation, according to Smith. “We announce today a new set of principles for the Open App Store that will apply to the Microsoft Store on Windows and the new generation marketplaces we will put in place for the games. We have developed these principles in part to respond to the Role and the growing responsibility of Microsoft when we start the regulatory approval application process from the world’s capitals for our acquisition of Blizzard Activision. This regulatory process begins while many governments also put in place of new laws aimed at promoting competition in application markets and beyond. We want regulators and the public to know that as a company, Microsoft is committed to adapting to these new laws and, thanks to these principles, we use it._ “


In other words, there is no question of being grumbled to reserve the right to exploit marks exclusively. Again, Brad Smith demine the ground: “It today too many frictions between creators and players; the policies and practices of application stores on mobile devices limit what creators can offer as games and how they can do it, and the games to which players can access. Our important investment with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard reinforces our determination to eliminate these friction on behalf of creators and players. We want to allow world-class content. Most easily reach all players on all platforms.

Follow a series of commands for developers and players, who obviously echo the disputes that have recently opposed EPIC and Apple. “We do not ask for the developers of our application store to use our payment system for processing In-App.“, can we read, or even “We will not disadvert the developers if they choose to use a payment processing system other than ours or if they offer different conditions in other application stores. “In other words, at a time when regulatory authorities continue to address the Different marketing practices on the dematerialized, Microsoft intends to advocate the opening and universality to win on all the tables.

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