Topfavorit Chelsea: Everything worth knowing about the club


The Club World Cup, officially FIFA Club World Cup 2021, goes over the stage from 3 February to 12 February 2022. The winner for the issue 2021 is Corona-Conditions so only now determined – and thus the successor of FC Bayern Munich.


Seven teams are qualified for the club World Cup: The FC Chelsea as a Champions League winner in Europe, Al-Ahly Cairo (Egypt) as Champions League winner of Africa, Al-Hilal Riad (Saudi Arabia) as a Champions League winner of Asia, CF Monterrey (Mexico) as a Champions League winner from the Association of North, Central America and Caribbean, Al-Jazira as an exercising master The host country United Arab Emirates – as well as the South American Copa-Libertadores winner Palmeiras Sao Paulo , which thanks to the ex-Kölner Deyverson Flamengo Rio de Janeiro.

Auckland City was initially determined by the Association of Oceania as a participant, the OFC Champions League 2021 had failed because of the Corona pandemic. But because of the strict Corona rules in their own land, the New Zealänder retreated, instead AS Pirae from Tahiti is now there.


Game schedule

The two representatives from Europe and South America are only increasing in the semifinals of the Club World Cup. Chelsea meets Al-Hilal, which prevailed against host Al-Jazira. In the second semifinals it gets Palmeiras with Al-Aly (1: 0 against Monterrey) to do. The opening game takes place on 3 February, the final rises nine days later.

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If there is a draw after 90 minutes, there is classically an extension, then possibly still a penalty shootout. Only in the games around five or three would eliminate the extension. After two yellow cards, players are locked for the next game, as well as yellow-red and red, whereby more sanctions can follow here. If a lock can not be used after a space reference during the Club World Cup, it is transferred to the next mandatory game of the club. The video proof is used.


The new version provided for June 2021 in China with 24 teams and horrendous prize money was postponed indefinitely. First, Japan jumped for the 18th edition, but the pandemic situation there made this impossible. In October it was decided that the games in the United Arab Emirates will go over the stage.

Club World Cup on TV and stream

As Sport 1 on Tuesday, January 25, announced, the Munich station is broadcasting the two semi-final games with Chelsea and Palmeiras in the German Free TV, as well as the final. The remaining games of the tournament can be seen on the streaming platform “Sport1 Extra” to see.