Blade and soul

Switch Version “Dekushi Hinogle Hynochemi Bloodweight” June 9 release decision! “Kims Gakuen and Summer Clothing” Costume First Appears

Aniplex announces the Nintendose switch version of the match action game “Kimi Kami Hynochemi Hynochemi Hynochemic Hemorangle” on the theme of the “Ikincture Blade” that caused the one big boom to Japan, announced on June 9, 2022 Did.

This work was released on PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE on October 14, 2021. In this Nintendo switch version, in addition to the 18 characters that appeared in the leading platform version, you can select all 24 characters including six “demons” added in the update.

In addition, “chimes point” used for character opening etc., and “a hinge hotel with a hinge resolation” that was a privilege of deluxe edition is also available from the beginning. Furthermore, costumes such as “Kims Gakuen and Summer Clothing” that will be the first appeared in the Nintendose switch.

Solo player mode “Hinokami hematoni” that focuses on the original story is equipped with no change. From the “Kashiwa Caiko Koshi Hen” to the demon to enter the demons and facing the demon, the episode up to the “infinite train”, which corresponds to the fiction pillar of the fiction pilgrimage.

Packaged version booking starts at each store from February 7. Benefits by store are also available. Download version will start a reservation a later date.