TurkGücü München: Heraf after 2: 4 with debut sour on referee

Already the beginning as Turkic coach was chaotic for Hera. Both games of the Bavarian Club in the New Year were canceled because of Corona cases. On Tuesday evening it was finally time. The Austrian celebrated his mandatory debut with the dealers after almost a month in office. That he spoke at the end of magenta sport of a very bitter defeat had several reasons.

0: 1 A very clear hand game

Turkic did not find in the game initially and had to go behind a residue in the middle of the first half. The 1-0 by Freiburg Noah White Haunt ahead of the offensive man. Even though it was unintentionally, we do not need to look further, the Viennese analyzed in the view of the pictures after the game. A very clear hand game that was not only apparent in the game for HERA.

In the meantime, Hera’s reneged team even turned the game, but also the goals to 1: 1 and 2: 1 within six minutes should not prevent the 2: 4 defeat in the end. The reason for this was initially a supposed hand game of Captain Alexander Gorge. The central defender called the whistle at the shot to his chest as completely incomprehensible. Because that was actually our phase. We believed in the victory, there was conviction in every scene. We absolutely wanted to victory. He added upset: Through this decision to give the game out of hand, is extremely bitter.

This view also shared HERA, who did not actually discuss the penalty. But then did. The 54-year-old was particularly irritated that referee Patrick Glaser reported after a short hesitation and the advertisement No manual game supposedly suddenly showed the point because of a foul. Only I’ve just talked to Vincent German (the alleged fouled player, note d. Red.) And he says himself: ‘It was not a foul.’

Losing such decisions, hurts properly

Andreas Hera

Officially two wrong decisions in hand games impaired the result in the end, HERA was safe and said, Losing such decisions, hurts. Although the first half had been very bad, he had a lot of pity with his boys and closed: Here you can lose, but if you are ahead and suddenly on the loser road is double bitterly. Would be double bitter The referee decisions have not been, we would probably have taken three points.

Cell duel against Averse is coming

Captain Gorge said after the roller coaster ride still of Total Frustration. After all, the team showed the ninth Singles Game in series Morality and through the interim comeback her true face. Despite the mixture of disappointment and anger with concern, Hera looks brave due to the way of returning his team courageously to the upcoming games in the fight for the league. The 17. Receives on Saturday (2 pm, live! At hand game) in the basement duel final light TSV Averse.