WoW Patch 9.2: Four encrypted cinematics

Whether raid, dungeons or quests – Blizzard undersides the story of Wow with videos. In Wow: Shadow lands the developers have talked to us with numerous Cutscenes. Patch 9.2 will also have its story highlights in the mausoleum of the first. Certainly the four new cinematic that have discovered the Detainees from Warhead on the test server.
Caution: The said videos are currently available only as files, we do not know exactly what happens in this Cinematics. However, the size of the files, the video length and their IDs, tell us about which they are playing in the game.

  • File ID: 4279702 – 11,912 KB – 25 sec
  • File ID: 4279707 – 24,853 KB – 51 sec
  • File ID: 4279697 – 39,553 KB – 1:23 min

File ID: 4279692 – 78,380 KB – 2:42 min

In recent months, we have collected enough tangible information about the Story of Earth Morris and the mausoleum of the first on the Test Server for Patch 9.2. This means that we can assign the cinematic to the respective story chapter despite encrypted data. Of course, we do not come about a few speculations around.

We can also compare the video data with the Cinematic from past patches. The videos from Battle for Zeroth and Shadow lands have about the same term. For comparison: The last video from the fight against Sylvan as in the sanctum of domination lasted about two and a half minutes. With all the trimmings and turn, the time is close to the term of the last video, which lasts 2 minutes and 42 seconds. We can not forget the mini-cinematics and cutscenes that are played in between to give the players a short break.

The intro from the mausoleum of the first

The first video is quite short, so we assume that the intro is the mausoleum. In this cinematic, the Chairman will probably reveal our great plan or we observe him as he bursts in the sanctuary of the first. Like such a typical filament weight just.

  • File ID: 4279702 – 11,912 KB – 25 sec

The fight for Indoor Wynn

The second Cinematic is a bit longer, the video could come from the fight against Indoor. The Chairman enslaves the young king using Sylvan as. Since then, Indoor serves his tormentor unconditionally… because stunned. At the end of Patch 9.1 we learn that Indoor is the key figure in the fight against the Chairman. The king of the Alliance could tell us namely how we can resist Oval’s devilish magic. Maybe there is also the fate of Art has, who will have a short comeback in patch 9.2.

  • File ID: 4279707 – 24,853 KB – 51 sec
  • File ID: 4279697 – 39,553 KB – 1:23 min

Source: Towhead Source: Towhead

In the third video, it will probably go back to Indoor and its condition after the rescue. The young king is released again, but he will face with all the crimes he committed in the name of Oval. Suitable there is a new high-resolution model of Indoor with a sad facial expression. The video is relatively long, that could mean that other WoW heroes like Bolivar, Jain, Trade and Sylvan as get their performance.

The big final of WoW: Shadow lands

The last Cinematic is most likely to go to the grand finale of WOW (Buy Now): Shadow lands. Currently, a lot is speculated about what happens exactly after the fight against the Chairman.

  • File ID: 4279692 – 78,380 KB – 2:42 min