Activision belongs to Microsoft: Name your hopes and fears!

Let’s face it: as soon as the dust has laid, we will not feel any or hardly impact of the Activision Takeover through Microsoft for months. Behind the scenes it will depart. A lot of work comes to the teams at Xbox and Co. too. But the same is clear: as soon as the formalities are done and the competent authorities give their OK for the deal, it goes off. It was the same as 2020/2021 also at the Bethesda Deal .

Hello, Xbox Game Pass!

Activision Blizzard include many exciting IPs. Which new games we will see after the acquisition? Source: Activision Blizzard The first official action of Microsoft will be very likely to announce various Activision titles for the Xbox Game Pass, and then make them accessible promptly. It is also clear that Xbox-boss Phil Spencer is already burning , to gain some cult stamps from the Activision cellar and to continue this on willy teams.

Speaking of: really exciting, when it comes to games, which are announced after the finalization of the takeover. For those now there are no contracts of Activision that Microsoft needs to meet. The management can then decide depending on the game when it appears on which platforms. Call of Duty should continue to be available to PlayStation Cosmos, Phil Spencer Via Twitter. Whether this applies to all games? Star field by Bethesda clearly shows that the friendship between Microsoft and Sony has their limits.

Makes our survey!

In the following, we now want to know how to judge the deal and what hopes and fears you have when it comes to the future of Activision Blizzard and Games like WoW or Diablo 4.

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