[Review] Console user attention that loves white emotions! Steel Series, Artis 7P +

Today the product is still recognizable series Arctis 7P + (hereinafter Aktis 7P +). This product is Aktis Series 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 7 and successor of the white version of Pro 7P, was achieved a 20% improvement in performance with enhanced battery life than the previous model (7P). In addition, the surface was improved in convenience such that a change in the type C 5 charging terminal pin.

Arc tooth 7P + represents a prominence to use PC, Mac, Android, Nintendo switch, ohkyul Russ Quest 2, and so on different platforms and compatibility is possible, but especially the Playstation 5 (PS5). PS5 was built based audio hardware (Compute Unit) AMD Radeon CU, was subject to the Tempest 3D Audio Technology (Tempest 3D Audio Tech) audio system to expand the sense of space and realism. Signature sound Aktis 7P is fine even Tempest sound to the speaker driver to highlight 3D Audio Technology (Tempest 3D Audio Tech) and chemistry fits well and is fully compatible.

Aktis, especially the series number is increasing is improved in performance and design, up one, and compared to the boring designs of the three versions starting at least 5 additional suspension headband inspired ski goggles, Velcro tape is applied to adjust the headset length have. Also it includes the air cushion followed weave (AirWeave) giving a sense of stability for a long time wearing.

The first release of the series arc steel teeth series in 2016 famously come after the move so far there is no big change in the design. Somewhat conventionally felt design or falling performance of numerous awards from earned the love of many cognitive, thanks to the law make the new series’ ll plunge dimensions together Aktis only a stylish design and proven performance of the user, a prominent IT hardware media or evaluation groups It has been history.

Previously released arc tooth headsets are the most inde matte black color 7P + is like the white and blue colors is the point person that PS5 color and a sense of unity. In addition to PS5 it seems to be beneficial to the system configuration of the white sensibilities. 7P + of proven gaming headset, Aktis series Let’s see whether.

■ Product specifications and appearance


  • Product Specifications

  • Name: Steel Series Aktis 7P +

  • unit size: 40mm neodymium driver

  • Lowest headset frequency response and maximum frequency response : 20 – 20,000Hz

  • Mike: Mike ClearCast interactive design (folding)

  • Lowest share Mike Paz response and maximum share Paz response : 100 – 6,500Hz

  • connection types: wired and wireless

  • Use Time: Up to 30 hours

  • compatible devices : PC / MAC / PS / Mobile / Nintendo switch / VR

  • Price: 249,000 won (date of)

Steel Series Aktis 7P + is a ultra-low latency lossless 2.4 GHz wireless connection is available that combine a wired headset. If the power button for about one second fly beep LED lights up. It is possible through the USB-C type wireless dongle wireless use and, by default, the dongle and the headset is paired.

To connect with a dongle and PC software by downloading the official Steel Series Steel Series GG engine is started when the pairing to connect the USB-C charging cable. When the pairing will automatically detect the device and the software. Also, if you do not support the USB-C from other devices, so there can also connect USB-A Let us see it.

■ Enough

Gritty, first described in the comfortable, air-weave technology is applied after both ears parts, thanks to the pad was not uncomfortable. But ski goggles with a velcro tape adjustable or fixed length material headsets are thought to still need some time to adapt to do the familiar. To accept the Steel Series Aktis unique emotion reporter is still more Are Not Ready.

Because of the history of the whole Aktis led the group since 2016, except in the negative STEEL headset gaming area sports a premium performance no apparent performance is not enough tweak away. Also, as PC, Mac, Android, Nintendo switch ohkyul Russ Quest 2 can be used in a wide variety of platforms and multi-platform gaming headset itgetda be seen as forming a fully compatible with PS 5.

Since its predecessor 7P dwaeteumyeo a number of additional features, 5-pin only if you think the other arc tooth headset Series was charged It is possible that eliminate the inconvenience to change USB-C-type charging port, and rapid support charging exorbitant exaggerated a little pony changes can be called. In addition, the buffer can be used for 30 hours, which is 20%, battery performance is improved compared to previous level.

Aktis series except the PRO will be a matt black color utilizing most or Playstation five unique color combinations of white and blue like the If you own a console, or you are a user of the system envisioned White Emotion Let consider the series arc steel teeth 7P +.