“Overwatch 2” game producer is criticized with “CEO delayed development.” Current Developer Anger At Organization Top

Developers Tracy Kennedy’s Blizzard 20 January, Mr. Bobby Kick, CEO of Activision Blizzard has posted the view that had given an adverse effect on the development on the SNS. Kennedy said, it is a leading developer to serve as game producer of over-watch 2.

Over Watch is online play FPS game that Blizzard was released in 2016 and development. Previous work in the team competition of the 6-to-6, and it features high battle of strategy of the colorful characters to full use of capacity. Popular with many users, also plays a role in the e-sports scene was launched well as official professional league. Is a new over-watch 2, was officially announced in 2019. Or later, and it takes time to develop even while collecting the expectations of fans, the recent came out also information that 2022 can not be released during the year. (Related article).

In addition, in July last year accused of, such as gender discrimination issues in the workplace is developer parent company Activision Blizzard, one after another also accused of sexual harassment, such as in the Blizzard. The company became Shakes on the uproar. Such as Jeff Kaplan’s over-watch game director of the above-mentioned retired in April just before the flying problem, before and after the riot there were numerous even retirement of developing members. Such circumstances, on January 18 this year, announced the agreement as Microsoft is suddenly to acquire the company. Whether the organization soundness is made, what happens to the title in development and service, he is a place that has been attracting attention future trends from the industry and a lot of fans.

Then, after surfacing sexual harassment problem until now, but Bobby Kick, CEO of Activision Blizzard that consistently continues criticized. He, himself had carried out the harassment, also as had acquiesced while to know the sexual harassment, it had received a complaint from such parties (related article). Although it had decided the time being Reunion upon the acquisition agreement, opaque for the advance and retreat after the expected completion of the acquisition in 2023 (related article). And now, from the over-watch 2 leading developer Kennedy said of the incumbent, Kick said has been criticized and had a negative impact on the development.

Kennedy said, in the form of a citation retweets to overseas portal Towhead, which took up the Kick’s interview, posted his views on his Twitter account. He writes the Bobby (Mr. Kick), you are everyone talking about the project of over-watch, which was pressed against the development team. According to the Kennedy’s, the development team at that time are instructed to efforts to multiple development projects for over-watch by Mr. Kick, that and the like overtime in order that has occurred. And, such a project is not only weighed on the development period of over-watch 2, the final’s right had been discontinued. It argued that many of the staff of the development team went to turnover in the reason for the behavior of Mr. Kick. Kick said himself, told the effect of the development process of the Blizzard work is his umbrella had been adversely affected.

Kennedy said It’s Oh yeah, you think you have hidden behind the scapegoat because it is a coward. Rude and I was in further subsequent Discover hit a biting irony and to Kick said. And a series of tweet, which concluded with a word of farewell to Mr. Kick. Does this farewell is seemingly of Based on the emotional ironic and personal in the future forward and backward, or something of the Kick Mr. anticipation to any retirement is uncertain. However, active developers from the utter point publicly criticism to the top of the organization, suggests how the Mr. Kick has not been welcome at least from some developers. In addition, there may also face tensions have been alleviated by a Microsoft acquisition.

Kennedy said talking about inner workings of the Blizzard in the past. In November last year, which was in the midst of turmoil, he had told the multiple developers was referring to cultural issues in-house. In addition, for Kaplan’s described above, and has transferred from the previous emerged problem, and was fighting to protect the development team from malicious corporate culture and pressure (related article). Kennedy said has been comment about this acquisition drama, said, while warning also look optimistic for listening to the good reputation from his friends in the studio went under the umbrella Microsoft. On the other hand, he in the Blizzard, many of the harmful persons were enrolled in the past Microsoft indicates the view that, Microsoft is that the challenge to the cultural health of the Blizzard told that the cryptic retribution.

This testimony is the testimony from the Kennedy’s point of view, you want to note that in last the facts opaque points. However, unusual for the incumbent developers to criticize by name the organization top. Big changes in the environment surrounding the Activision Blizzard also feel. If this testimony is that it is fact, changes in the business structure can result in a positive impact to developers. Acquisition by Microsoft, such as over-watch 2 and Diablo IV, I want to hope that development progress is Montana good effect to Blizzard work who are doubtful.