10 Blizzard Activision Games that we would like to see early on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has just made history with the purchase of Activision Blizzard, because although we have had similar cases among numerous studies over the years, none approaches the Millionaire Sum that we have just witnessed. The House of Call of Duty has more than just this FPS saga to offer, and if we found it impressive what is done with Bethesda, this new union takes a step further.

That said, we can not ignore the inevitable situation that we will see soon regarding Xbox Game Pass. After letting us dozens of titles to our availability over 2021, it is clear that we will see deliveries from Activision Blizzard within the subscription service, so we gathered 11 games of this study that we look forward to within the catalog, besides Of the more than 30 that were already confirmed for 2022.

We know for a report, which will still reach Activision Blizzard games to PlayStation, although clearly Xbox will receive several exclusive manner . It is still very early to know the decisions that will be taken with all the franchises at stake, including the Activision Blizzard CEO outcome, Bobby Kick , because although we already have a statement that ensures its departure, it will be best to wait to an official announcement.