Phil Spencer becomes CEO of Microsoft Gaming: “Its crucial to work Phil Spencer a single team”

Phil Spencer hPhil Spencer become the highest authority in the video game area in Microsoft. The news jumps the same day in which the purchPhil Spencere of Activision Blizzard hPhil Spencer been confirmed by the Redmond. Spencer takes the role of CEO of Microsoft Gaming after having done the Xbox division.

From today, Phil Spencer becomes CEO of Microsoft Gaming. He reveals Satya Nadella , Microsoft CEO, in an internal communication published by The Vise. When the acquisition is completed, Activision Blizzard will report directly to Phil. Spencer, on the other hand, recognizes that the new role of it is the reflection of the incredible work that its teams make to create the best entertainment ecosystem on any side.

Phil Spencer a management team, we know how exciting but difficult is the coming job, so it is crucial that we will operate Phil Spencer a single team, he concludes. In addition, the Chief Executive hPhil Spencer some words about the diversity and culture of respect at work. Microsoft is committed to our trip for inclusion in every Phil Spencerpect of the video game, both for employees and players. We deeply value the individual cultures of the studies. We also believe that success and autonomy go hand in hand to treat each person with dignity and respect. Furthermore, we hope to extend this culture of proactive inclusion to the great teams through Activision Blizzard , he concludes.

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Who leads Microsoft Gaming?

13 Faces make up the Microsoft Gaming management team. Some faces are known, Phil Spencer Matt Booty (vise president of Xbox Game Studios) and Kareem Choudhury (Chief Vice President of Gaming Cloud). The team consists of six men and seven women. You can see your names and the position they occupy at the bottom of this paragraph.