Stunning Ciri Cosplay Delighted Fans of The Witcher 3

Hardly a character has been as often used as a model for Cosplay like Cirri from the Witcher franchise. And even if the many variants resemble because they are based on the same character, then every Cosplayer brings its own charm.


Cosplay’s example meadow shows Cirri whose hair has been blown away from the wind and thus attest to her a certain degree. CUTEHONEY19, however, photographed himself on a stone wall and the casual camera view looks almost like a modern selfie . And then there would be Celina chats, which the Witcher lady has set up a suitable Corona mask.

The Hall of Cirri: Another excellent cosplay

The Reddit User Atelier has tried on a Cirri Cosplay. It’s not the first time: Already at the beginning of December she posted her convincing costume of the white-haired princess of Contra . As you still photographed yourself in the green light and renounced a thematically matching background, she seems to have decided this time for a game with the shadows.

The plays in the two photos Reddit namely an important role and give it a mysterious aura, which fits well with the character represented by it. Otherwise, your Cirri Cosplay is again successful: From the white hair, the emerald eyes and the deep scar on the face to the well-known outfit and your loyal sword, the costume of Severe meets the Cirri The Witcher 3 (Buy now €27.55) Pretty well.

Other interesting cosplay

Anyone who can do nothing with the Witcher or maybe simply no friend of Cirri is, but still do not want to give up his daily dose cosplay: how about this enchanting Zelda cosplay from Breath of the Wild instead? This Chung Cosplay from Street Fighter 2 can really be seen. And who fancy a decent portion of gruel, is just right in this horrible cosplay of Freddy Krueger.

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