LOL: The champion chosen by a user to play ranked with two broken fingers

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League of Legends is loaded with characters of all kinds and with different ways to play. We can see an incredibly talented Leblanc or a grinder that his mission is to turn without stopping until killing the enemy. But, Who has not happened to him that he has had a small injury in his hand and is unable to play? It is likely that you are thinking that playing with a broken finger is impossible, but a player has Showed that he is capable of winning games yet being injured and with problems in order to control the keyboard with total freedom.

It is the case of REDDAWG868, a Reddit user who unfortunately two fingers were broken from his left hand, decided to play a game with Yuri . One of the most hated cats of the industry is famous both by the questionable skill kit of it as for its extremely ease to play. What happen? Well, this player has joined these two features to show that even though you do not have the best means, you can easily win. With the Help of a ballpoint pen in hand with the two broken fingers and the other to control the mouse , the user is getting climbing ELO in Solo.

Thus, we can see that League of Legends is not linked to a specific audience and that the person with fewer resources can play without problems at Riot Games. YURI is a clear example of mechanical ease, but it is not always The control of the hands, but also know how the game works, the control of the goals and waves, when it is the best time to attack, among many other features. It will be necessary to see what is happening with the player, but we are sure that he will have earned more than one game with this method and it is likely that we see more than one person with this problem to play in this way.