You have to play that! A small declaration of love at The Forgotten City

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In my Top 5 of the best games in 2021 The Forgotten City does not appear. An error. For indeed the indie game is part of a small team of Modern Storyteller the best that came out last year, especially for history lovers and amateur detectives. Found out I have but a few days ago when I went through Xbox Game Pass but just pure play time in The Forgotten City.

What’s The Forgotten City?

The debut of Modern Storyteller is described as a mystery adventure, in which we find surprising in an ancient city of the Roman Empire State in which mysterious, golden statues and the surviving residents of the latch out his hand. Surviving residents…? Yep, we are somehow traveled back in time, and not only that! We violated the only rule that there are in this small, self-contained world, it is possible to start the time loop again.

Our task now is to round to solve the mystery surrounding the city to break the loop and return to our time. The core gameplay that clothed us during our adventure, it sounds boring first: We blather with all residents do favor, gather information, pass it on. Very rarely, we also fight or to prove some skill.

But let you not be put off, or you missed a fascinating piece of software.

In the beginning was a Skyrim mod

The Forgotten City (now Buy €39.99) is equal to a number of respects especially. When there is, for example, ever a modification for a game, clears the prices and later developed into a standalone game ?! In fact, The Forgotten City first a mod for Skyrim, at a certain Nick Pearce said to have worked about 1,700 hours before it was published, 2015. 585.603 Downloads and the profit of the Australian Writers’ Guild Award speak for themselves.

Following Pearce then founded Modern Storyteller to expand cooperation with other developers to The Forgotten City project. New setting, more than twice as many words — that in 2021 published game was then an entirely different caliber than the popular Skyrim Mod. And even here there was a lot of positive response last year. On Steam, the game is currently (in 3822 reviews) in positive Extremely. On Metacritic, the press-ratings commute at 84 to 90 (of 100), the user cost 8.0 to 8.5 (out of 10).

Good written forearmed

Especially good is The Forgotten City, because the story foundation and most of the dialogues are written simply good. And because everything you learn in the course of dialogue, gives little by an exciting, fascinating whole. Although the inhabitants of the world remember after the start of a new time warp anything more, but you can be then prima use the knowledge gained to his own advantage and manipulate all the characters and events in the desired direction.
There are few residents in the Forgotten City, but they all play a role. Source: Modern Storyteller
City and surroundings look actually quite pretty, but the dialogues are quite staged wood. Here, you noticed the small team size. Source: Modern Storyteller It is simply fun, unravel gradually the interwoven relationships, puzzles and fates to resolve them to steer in the right direction or to remove potential adversaries deliberately out of the way. And Gimmick design you have to make all not by a nice despite new time warp again and again; to delegate the work easy while you yourself focusing on the next item on the to-do list, or explore a new area of ​​the surprisingly nested area.

Not much more I do not want to reveal at this point. For any further information could be potential spoilers, under which your game experience inevitably suffer. In other words: The less you know about the plot of The Forgotten City, the better. Only this much: There are several possible endings and thus more than a solution to the mystery. And here have made Nick Pearce and Co. all the work when it comes to the writing. Perfect, and for me one of the most positive surprises in recent years!


Tip: With Xbox Game Pass can you The Forgotten City try already for a narrow Tale .