Ricardo Pepi: Reuter pulls Lewandowski comparison

Sports Chief Stefan Router from FC Augsburg has warned about a high expectation for new access Ricardo PPI (18) — and a comparison to Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich.

We must not make too much pressure on an 18-year-old. He comes to a new country, into a new league, Reuters aid at a media round on Monday. He makes a great positive impression. But we can not have too much attributed to him now. There are very different players who also needed their clarification time. I think of Robert Lewandowski when he came to Germany. In his first Bundesliga season 2010/11 at Borussia Dortmund, Lewandowski arrives in 33 playing eight goals and three assists.

Allegedly, Augsburg paid 17.5 million euros for PPI to the FC Dallas. The fact that the US investor David Spitzer has played a crucial role in the transfer, Reuters aid, We have known the player for years. David Spitzer has nothing to do with the transfer. But of course we have the player and the consultant told that an American partner has entered us. That certainly gives you a good feeling and ensures trust, so helps.

Speeding have been 45 percent of Hoffmann Investors GmbH’s shares of Hoffmann Investors GmbH, which has controlled and possessed the issued professional football department of FC Augsburg since the beginning of last year’s Bolt Football Holding since the beginning of last year.

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Speed ​​camera has a wide-ranging portfolio. He is one of the bosses of the investment company Blackstone, for which he manages 34 billion dollars. In addition, the 52-year-old co-owner is the New Jersey Devils (NHL), the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) and Crystal Palace (Premier League).