After two weeks break training start and preparation start

The eagle carriers are back on the training place! On Monday afternoon, the crew of coach Sasha Hillman started in winter preparation and finished the almost two-week break over the turn of the year. Now for the Prussians, two and a half weeks are working to prepare before it continues on 22 January with the away game at the sports friends Lott in the league.

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Among the 26 eagles, who stood on the training place, was also an old or new face on Monday. Lukas Franker returns after half a year at Schalke 04 II to Hammer Strafe and stood just in the opening unit with his team colleagues on the square. The upgrade took almost 90 minutes, in which, above all, athletic coach Tim Sadie’s guys took the guys to the hand, and they gradually returned them to the loads. In the next few days, the pens will continue to rise, but in the short break, the guys will certainly not have lost much of strength and condition.

Another just off the big group Gerrit Revamp and Jules Schneider trained. At Revamp, ​​it depends on the pain after his tooth fracture, Schneider is gently returned to everything football-specific after his long injury time. Dennis Danube is still located in its rehab. The first test match (without viewers) stands for the eagle carriers on Saturday at MTV Duisburg, a week later, the Prussians are then to the dress rehearsal at FC Contract Rhine to guests before they return to the league all day.