Kadokawa Games shows the Gameplay of Ice Planet in Relay

Katakana Games is a subsidiary of the Katakana group and has released various popular titles, especially in Japan. Some of these tracks include Metal Dogs, Demon Gauze and now, relay, a future title. Relay is an upcoming Mecca Action RPG title that should go out on March 24, 2022, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The Japanese exit of the game was delayed until March to meet the international exit. Today, Katakana Games has published the Gameplay of the Ice Planet, showing the fight of the game.

The title will take charge of several languages, including English, Japanese, Italian, German and Spanish. The four-minute trailer includes PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Gameplay sequences. It shows various aspects of the gameplay, including the tactical aspect on the tray and the fight. The mechanical combinations are well-designed, and combat animation is exciting to watch.

Relay will be available at a price of $59.99 for standard digital edition and $74.99 for premium digital edition. The premium editing of the game includes various additional items such as the Season Pass, the original band and the dynamic theme. The pre-orders of the title on PlayStation will begin on January 25, 2022. In addition, the players who will pre-order the game before his release in March will be able to access the title three days before his official release.

Relay players will be able to fight as robots in an alternative reality of science fiction. Players receive special capabilities, attacks and powers to combat an extraterrestrial invasion. The children of stars, or humans with special capacities, are responsible for saving and defending the land in 2051. Are you ready to take up the task?

Ice Cream 2 Complete Full Gameplay Ending. Normal Mode.

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