Genshin Impact 2 4 The new area of Enkanomiya new characters events and codes

Just a few hours after Christmas, the Chinese study Photo reveals the future of the content of its star title, Genshin Impact. It is an update that will arrive around January 5, and that it had good to show us what to expect.

As with each new update of a certain draft, the communication took place during a special direct, which allows us to have a fairly wide vision of all the content offered during that first week of January.


The 2.4 update arrives with two new characters.

Run Jin : 4 armed geographic stars with a spear
Hence : 5 stars armed with a spear


Hence’s elementary ability not only inflicts Cry damage, but also supports nearby allies with an effect that increases the damage they do according to Hence’s current attack. This effect is activated in all types of attacks.

When he activates his elementary skill invocation of spring spirit, the ability of him seal of spiritual communion will give a different effect depending on how skill is activated. Or a benefit of skill damage and attacks of close allies, or a benefit of damage to attacks.

The definitive ability of it allows you to inflict cry damage over time thanks to a divine talisman. He also allows to lower the Cry and the physical resistances of the enemies located in the field of action of the Talisman. His talent allows him to offer an increase in Cry damage to the allies in the area of ​​action created by the explosion.

Therefore, Hence is a crying character of Cry attribute.


Run Jin is a character that will be useful in teams based on basic attacks.

The elementary ability of it is an attack that he carries holding the dedicated key pressed. While he loads, Run Jin uses a posture before freeing the energy accumulated in a rotating blow with his spear. There are two levels of load, level 1 and level 2.

She also creates a shield for herself if she performs a charged attack through her elementary skill. The first passive of it allows you to launch an attack with a load level of 2 directly if she receives a blow while she uses her elementary skill. However, she is careful because it is only during the launch, so the time is precise.

For more details about these two characters, here is the article dedicated to them.

In addition to these two, Ciao, Zwingli and Gansu will return to the replenishment banners as was the case of Eula and Albedo in version 2.3.


Then we will have the BANNERS in that order.

Hence, Run Jin and Ciao
Zwingli and Gansu

The events

The Update 2.4 will have the Festival of Lanterns. You will have several activities to make you offer you many rewards. For example, there is the possibility of obtaining a 4-star Life character as in the first edition except that this time, Run Jin will also be there.

In addition, two new aspects can be obtained. Like those of Barbara and Jean, it will be necessary to perform the event or buy them.

Skin of Niggling : Orchid Gala can be obtained for free during the event.
LECHING SKIN : Fasting grace can be purchased at the store.

The activities of the festival had the right to present through a short video that you can find below. In particular, you will find a boat activity there.

We will also find other events such as the return of hiding place or two new events, one of which will be related to potions and the other with Tanks.

A potion study will ask you to participate in challenges in which you will have to beat the enemies. The preparation of a challenge is made by choosing characters to use, but also potions with various effects. You must know that a character used on a previous floor will not be available in the next.

The second event consists of taking pictures of Tanks in specific places.

And if you want to see a little more, here you have the video that shows these three events.


Among the missions that will arrive in version 2.4, we will have a new Mission from the arc hon and two new adventures with Singing and Run Jin.

New weapon.

With the arrival of Hence, a new rarity spear of 5 stars will be available through gachapones.

New Zone: Enkanomiya

An area where you will find new monsters, but also a new mechanics that will allow you to switch between day and night. For that, it will be necessary to go to the Tower of Byakuyakoku where we will learn to use the artificial sun Danish Hiroshi. This mechanics will influence particular in the puzzles in the area. In addition, it will be possible to discover the history of this ancient region from several points of view.

Now let’s talk about the ancient creatures that live there. We find for example the bathyal mishap. There are two types, a classic and a duo (Electron / Cry) forming a boss. The latter can launch combined attacks. You will also find two new Braggarts del Nabisco (Abyss Herald and Abyss Lectors). They use Pro attacks. The codes First code: SA7V2DRZGAU5 Second Code: PSNVJURZZSD9 Third Code: 5SPDKV8ZHBFV The improvements made in 2.4 We also had information about the optimizations carried out in 2.4. Therefore, we will find optimizations for the interfaces of the depths of the spirals, the preparation, the forge and the map. We also have an optimization in the personalization of the shortcut wheel. Relaxacetera has new decorations as specified during the development note of version 2.4. Content of MGG Fr.