The best PS5 exclusive game of this year who will apparently arrive at Xbox in September

Death loop is a 2021 first-person shooter game created by Arcane Studios as well as published by Bethesda Soft works. It was released on September 14 for Microsoft Windows and also as a timed console unique for the PlayStation 5.

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The exclusive best-qualified PS5 game will apparently arrive at Xbox Series X in September. The PS5 had three great exclusive this year: Devolution, RATCHET & CLANK: Rift Apart, and Death loop. The first has an 85 in Metacritic, while the last two games have an 88 in Metacritic, which makes them some best qualified games of the year. Choosing the best exclusive PS5 game this year is very fun, but right now, Death loop has won the most awards, and is the one that will apparently arrive at Xbox Series X in September. Of course, considering that Arcane Studios (the developer behind the game) is owned by Bethesda and Bethesda is the property of Xbox probably meant that it was always a forgotten conclusion, but now we know that it will probably arrive in the first month of autumn.

The information comes through Bethesda, or more specifically, the official Twitter account of the game, which is promoting the latest PlayStation Store offer as it offers discounts. DECATHLON. To promote the agreement, the Twitter account of the game launched a new promotional video and, at the end of this video, it is noted, in a small print, that the game is not available in other consoles until at least on September 14, 2022 », Which is exactly a year after the launch of the game. Of course, the involvement here is that the game will reach Xbox Series X around September 14, and this is a reasonable conclusion to take out, although the announcements of the cliff say at least.

Unfortunately, without the finest details about the game exclusivity agreement, we do not know exactly when it will arrive at Xbox, but the week of September 14 seems a safe bet. It would make sense that the game will arrive at Xbox Series X on his first anniversary, but that falls on Wednesday, which is an unusual day to throw a game.

As always, we will keep it updated as more information is provided. Meanwhile, then you can find a fragment of our official game review to understand why so many have been enthusiastic about it.

Although I have always respected the Developer Arcane Studios, the company has never created experiences that I have worshiped completely, is read at the opening of our DECATHLON REVIEW. This, combined with the idea that much of what I had seen from Death loop before the launch seemed obtuse and cumbersome, made me a little unsure about how it would be. However, after playing the finished game, Death loop is, by far, one of the best games I have played in 2021. Not only offers an experience that does not look like anything else that is happening to me, but it is full Style and charm while keeping Arcane’s inclination intact by level design.