Government 10 national essential strategic technology selection National competency intensive support key

The core capability refers to a capability or activity that a business can much better perform much better compared to competitors and thus gotten a competitive advantage. It is identified by the 4 attributes client advantage, replica protection, differentiation and diversification. The principle is a video game kind of the resource-based strategy, which in the 1990s was opposite the Market-based sight of Michael Concierge, which considers the positioning of the company on the market for crucial. The focus on the core expertises of a business is thus a company strategy for broadening affordable advantages.

The government has selected 10 national essential strategy skills, and the level of technology, which is currently staying at 60-90% of the highest technical countries, has achieved more than 90% of the national capacity by 2030.

Teenage national essential strategy technology, artificial intelligence, 5G · 6G, advanced bio, semiconductor, display, secondary battery, hydrogen, high-tech robot, manufacturing, quantum, space, air, cybersecurity, etc. were selected.

The government announced on the 22nd, the 20th Science and Technology Relations Conference, and announced the ‘National Essential Strategy Technology Selection and Protection Strategy’ in relation to a relationship.

In recent years, the competition of the United Nations shakes the global industrial terrain and supply chain, and the aftermath is the ability to reorganize international order such as national security and alliance. As a result, leading countries are making a total force to secure the advantage in the competition of technology associative competition.

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In particular, countries that share technologies between leading countries and share technologies that control externally, and countries that do not have advanced technologies to share in earnest are in a situation where they can be thoroughly alienated in technology binding.

In May, the Korea-US summit has been instrumentation, which has established a comprehensive cooperation for advanced technology such as US, 6G, both, and universe, and has been devoted to policy efforts to not be fully to compete in technology associates, which is essential at the national level The priority is set.

■ 10 core skills I have been selected

In order to have the initiative and negotiation force in fierce competition composition, it is necessary to secure the skills of the strategy technology required by the other country.

However, except for semiconductors, secondary batteries, and 5G, etc., it is still not a lot of source technology to write as a movement in the competition of technology inequality.

Since technology is caused by a supply chain, normal, diplomatic security dynamics, it is a time to develop a technology strategy in terms of national interests, as it is a supply chain, normally emerging as a key means in diplomatic security dynamics.

Especially when considering the limited national resources, we have a situation in which we have a desperation and focus on the technology we need to walk.

The government has been selected as a supply chain, normally national security, and new industries, and has selected national essential strategic technology. At the same time, patent trend analysis was conducted in parallel patent trend analysis, and procedures to check strategic importance of each technique such as national and corporate competition, industry terrain change.

As a result, there are 10 technologies that are intensively fostering and protecting in terms of global technology, 5G, 6G, Advanced Bio, Semiconductor, Display, Secondary Battery, Hydrogen, Advanced Robot, Manufacturing, Material, Space, Aviation, Cybersecurity It is like this.

■ Strengthen support for technology led

The government has made a key vision as a key vision and concentrated the national capacity of the securing the technical initiative for national essential strategic technology. Through the private collaboration, we will focus on securing the source technology that will be a leverage of the competition between countries, and we will specify multiple foster protection measures to ensure competitiveness in the global market.

First, based on customized strategy directions according to the essential strategy technology characteristics, a comprehensive fostering protection strategy is provided. Depending on the technology competitiveness, we present a customized strategy direction to compensate for a leading, competitive, and chased-sized policy measures to complement the following policy measures, but to further specify the future, we need to focus more within the essential strategy technology ~ Screening 5 ‘Detailed Key Technology’.

This year, about 2,700 won for 10 essential strategic technical government R & D investment will be established in the future, and R & D for rapid purity of large R & D business, which is expected to be established in the future, Enhances the incentive of technology development, such as cultivation.

Supports strategic standards and advancement of international standardization leadership, and strengthening technical protection measures through technical development, expansion of national core technologies (industrial technology protection methods) for standard preemption for standard preemption to secure technology initiatives. Do.

It exhibits a sufficient household with industry-academia experts to set up a perfect source of unique source technology, set a clear goal, and to improve the institutional improvement that can support it.

In addition, the detailed focus on the national essential strategy technology enhances interworking between the technical system so that the technology can lead to diverse support books such as detergent support, technology protection.

Establishment of a special committee for the Ministerial Rate Private Strategic Technology and the establishment and implementation of the protection strategy and the implementation of the protection strategy, We plan to share and take countermeasures.

We prop elected ‘legal’ to foster national essential strategic technology.

The Technician Competition Age, The Technology Fitness Competition, Technology Sovereign, Technology Sovereign Article, Through the necessary strategic technology to influence future national interests, we will focus on securing national competence in the field of strategic technology, we will focus on securing technology sovereignty, and will have our best efforts to get achievement of technology sovereignty.