Explanation of the end of the season 2 of The Witcher

Season 2 of The Witcher is now being transmitted in Netflix, and there are many fans of the program that already finished the season or are quite close to complete. For those who are over, that last episode and the final scenes of the episode present quite the world and configure new characters and arches for what will come in season 3. That is why, as part of our Witcher Cram, here in Comic book we are here to break down everything that happened in those final scenes and explain what everything means, who are these people and how the season is configured 3. However, be careful, the spoilers are arriving, so if the series has not yet finished, I may want to avoid this until later.

Very good, last chance. We are fine? Good. The great final battle of season 2 occurs in Keyed Moorhen after Cirri is taken by a powerful sorceress called Volley Meir, which was sealed by Pitchers a long time ago, but now it is free. She manages to kill several sorcerers before being discovered, and Gerald, Semi, Lambert, Coin, Jennifer and Easier work to find a way to save Cirri and take the witch from her.

This leads to more sorcerers after Volume Meir would destroy the medallion tree to reveal that it was actually a monolith, and she opens a portal and brings three basilisks to fight against Gerald and the sorcerers. Finally, Jennifer absorbs Volume Meir into it and frees Cirri temporarily, and then use the skills of Cirri to push mere through the portal, but they also go with her. Meir then connects to an incoming force on horseback, and yes, this is not another that Wild Hunt. They are heading towards Cirri, Jennifer and Gerald, telling Cirri to return home and accompany them. Before reaching, Cirri transports the three back to her world, and then Jennifer soon realizes that her magic and her bond with chaos have returned.

After the battle in Keyed Moorhen, we went to a conversation between the sorcerer’s brotherhood, and that includes Maeve’s debut. They put a reward for Cirri and anyone who protects it, and then we moved to Faience, who has a small scene with Lydia, and now he will have some influence on Vilgefortz camp.

THE WITCHER Season 2: Ending Explained | Full Breakdown Of The Netflix Show And Spoiler Review

Then we moved to the elves, and Francesca wants justice after they killed her baby. She and the elves avenged that death taking the babies of the humans who surrounded them in Romania. They are in a camp when the soldiers bring Instead, and Francesca is not willing to listen to him until she says the words Hen Iyar, who refer to the greater blood. Francesca says that this could be the one that saves them as described in the prophecy of Italian.

The owl we have seen along the series has been taking note of all this, and then we see the owl in Dijkstra’s room, and while she speaks, the owl is transformed into Philippa Earhart. She tells him what is happening, and he says Bring me the Bard, it’s time for him to be paid to her benefactor, establishing a story with Easier in season 3.

Then we return to Keyed Moorhen, and Gerald says he does not forgive Jennifer for trying to deliver Cirri to Volley Meir. She knows he hurt him and wants them to start again, and despite his anger, he asks him to help him train Cirri to control his powers, since she is the only one who has been able to help her in that sense so far. Jennifer agrees and does not trust anyone else to do the job, so we will see more of them together next season.

Then, Gerald talks about how Vilentretenmerth told them that they were made for each other and says but nothing would come out because destiny alone is insufficient. It takes something more. She is something else ».

Then we see Cirri, who says every time I think I can move forward, there is a force that returns to the darkness. I’m tired, Gerald ». She says that he is also tired, but life continues. Gerald says: We three, we will help each other. What is intended can not be avoided ». Jennifer adds «and it should not be».

Gerald says: I think I know what Volley Meir wanted from you. She has been here since the conjunction, and we always assume that she was from another sphere ». Cirri asks Is that where I transported, another sphere? Gerald says: Those monoliths that destroyed, of those who take monsters, can be openings to other spheres. She wants you to go home. You are the key to her future. What I can not understand is when Nilfgard realizes what you were the key to yours? They knew it before anyone. How do you know the truth about you, Cirri?

The last part of the puzzle comes next, when we finally know Emperor Emmy Var Remain, also known as the White Flame. Chair and Priscilla are paying him up to date, but then he says he can no longer count on any of them to fulfill the mission of him, and he reveals that he was the one who killed the baby Elf and started war. Then he says that his final mission, with which they were not helping him, was to find his daughter, and he turns to reveal that he is actually Duty, who was married to Panetta and that together they were Cirri’s parents before Gerald He rescued them in Contra and claimed the law of the surprise of them in season 1. Yes, that was a full end, but there it is, and prepares a lot for season 3. Are you excited for season 3 and what did you think of season 2? Let us know in the comments and, as always, you can talk to me about everything related to Witcher on Twitter @mattaguilarcb!