Among US in the test Finally for PlayStation and Xbox

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Whether on PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X — Among US is and remains an unusual multiplayer experience. The hunt for the traitor or the cover-up of his own Miss ants prove to be in conjunction with friends as a game fun guarantee. Each participant has quickly learned Among us — and also the spread mini-puzzles are anything but demanding. Here is clearly the communication with the teammates and the die in the center. However, the joy of Among us stands with the selection of the teammates: The multiplayer games are usually excellent in the circle of friends. With random players, frustration and trouble may occur if individual participants do not behave or even use other channels with each other. Nevertheless: Who has not tried Among us so far, now gets on PlayStation and Xbox consoles opportunity and networks with cosplay with players and friends around the world.

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Cute graphic style
Crossly with other systems
Options to host your own sessions
In multiplayer operation with friends terrific
Various roles with varying skills
Lots of costumes and other extras


Game fun in the public game depends heavily on the participants
Very high Model potential
Playfully shallow argue

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The party game Among Us developed by the US Indie-Studio Inner sloth appeared in June 2018 for mobile devices and a short time later for the PC, but the final breakthrough was only two years later. The program became one of the large gaming winners of the Corona pandemic and fouled the millions hit. In September 2020, there were already more than ten million PC players on Steam.

The analysts of Superman Research estimated that in November 2020 500 million players worldwide tried Among us. Meanwhile, the hype is dropped, yet on 14 December 2021 the discreetly customized versions for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The test shows that Among US thanks to Crossly and indestructible multiplayer fun continues to work well!

Who is the traitor?

Among us is designed for multiplayer operation. While there is a free offline mode, but this is primarily used as an introduction and for the convenient to the four currently implemented cards. In online operation, however, up to 15 participants interact with each other. Among us supports crossly, so that owners of different systems are allowed to play together — so mobile gamers with PC or console players.

The basic principle behind the Party Game follows the popular board game Werewolf. In the plain text means: Among the astronauts are up to three traitors, the so-called impostors. While the other teammates do tasks, they must prevent this mission and even assume other participants if it must be. The crew members in turn advise themselves in meetings, must find out, who are the traitors and shot accused in space.

Funny gameplay, nice packed

Before they fall into Among us, they first tinker their own space pilots. The list of clothing and equipment is now pleasantly long and the costumes bring in conjunction with the comic graphic humor into the game. For more depth, the rolls integrated since the start ensure their additional skills: as an engineer, for example, they crawl like the traitors through ventilation shafts.

Otherwise, however, Among US is quickly learned. The tasks addressed packs the program in smaller puzzles: times you have to assign wires in color, download data on a terminal and upload it to another. On the four available cards bustle — on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X even in a resolution of 4K and with up to 120 pictures the second. However, a visually spectacular game is not among us.

Talk to each other!

The salt in the soup is undoubtedly the communication. This is done via Quick chat via a dialog wheel with specified answers or outdoors text chat. This usually prevents larger curse escapades in the public game. Ideally, however, do Among us in private mode with friends and use parallel services such as discord, Skype or WhatsApp to discuss.

Among us lives less of the actual game ideas, but rather from the interaction of the participants. With strangers, the Hat delivers mostly less entertainment to the traitors. In the circle of acquaintances, on the other hand, refreshing lots arise, which put the friendships on the test. Release Among us : 14. December 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / s. The versions for Mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch have been ready for a long time. The game costs as download version 4 to 5 euros, is part of the Xbox Game Pass.