FC Bayern Robert Lewandowski represents next M ller

Nearest milestone for Robert Lewandowski: The Motor Hunter of FC Bayern Munich has set the Foreword of Herd Müller from 1972 with a double pack on Tuesday evening at the VfB Stuttgart.

At the 5-0 success of the record champion in Stuttgart, the Pole in the Bundesliga marked its goal directors 17 and 18. On the current calendar year, it was his hits number 41 and 42 — thus equalized Lewandowski the previous record of Müller from 1972.

And Lewandowski’s record hunt is not over yet: On Friday, the world footballer for the right to return against VFL Wolfsburg has the chance to secure the sole Bundesliga record for scores reached within one year.

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Lewandowski cracked in the preseason with 41 seasons Müller’s 40-goal record from the 1971/72 season.