Destiny 2 Dawning How to get some butter

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Dawn returns again this year with a seasonal event in which players scan the solar system in search of several ingredients to manufacture heating products. Here is How to trap butter in Destiny 2 The Dawning.

How to trap butter Destiny 2 Dawning

If you have ever spoken with Eva Levant, you will be aware of the special search item named Holiday Oven. The key is to find the different ingredients and put them in the correct order to achieve the desired result. Most ingredients are killing some kind of enemy.

As its name suggests, killing trapped enemies is the way you get trapped butter. However, it will not always fall, so keep cutting them until the RNG gods decide to nod in approval! In our experience, it does not take a long time.

Taken Butter is useful for the following recipes:

Destiny 2 | NEW UPGRADES & STASIS SWORD! Dawning Loot, Lightning Round, Artifice Armor, Loot Cipher
Moths of black chocolate
Strange cookies

You have to take into account, when passing through the collection of certain ingredients, that not everything can be mixed.

The chitin powder, for example, can not be mixed with Ether Cane, trying to do so will simply replace the ingredient. Be careful not to accidentally waste your ingredients by committing this error.

The best way to grow Taken Butter is to go to The Dreaming City (delete your rewards in the latter while you are there) since both have many Taken, especially in Lost sectors.

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