Osasuna Barcelona 2 2 Bar a Playful Double Leadership

After the CL-Off in the group stage and ultimately decisive 0: 3 against Bayern Munich, Barça-Coach Xavi brought four new actors into the starting eleven. LANGLEY, JORDI ALBA, DELAY and BEST moved to the bench and made room for ABLE, Luck de Jong, Until and Nico.

The latter should also enter the foreground at the meager start of the game. According to GAVE’s model template, the 19-year-old scored his debut hit in Barça Dress (12th) and at the same time the early leadership for the guests. However, this lead should not persist long: After a free kick from the half-field Saunas David Garcia rose the highest and placed the ball on the head unstably next to the left post (14th). Curios: The central defender brought three head balls on the box in the current season, all of which found the way to the gate.

Subsequently, FC Barcelona retained the game control, but the urge forward went to guests with ongoing seasonal time. The last grand chance in the first half then happened to Dembélé’s tight free kick from the half-field, but the Herrera could parade (38.).

ABLE brings Barça back to Front

The second pass started — as well as the first — with an early gate of Bluegrass: After Gave previously shot banquets in his own penalty area — which the referee did not interpret as a punishable handcart — the guests swarmed and achieved in person from the eye-catching ABD 2: 1 guidance (49.). Sauna again ran after a residue and missed it this time to directly compensate.

The Joker stands out: Chime Avila with the renewed compensation

Osasuna 2-2 Barcelona | LaLiga 21/22 Match Highlights
Instead, Dembélé missed only hair sharpness 3: 1 (58.), marriage Banana (73.) and Bulimia (76th) on the other side also good opportunities left unused. The final phase then went from the game ratios to the houses that pushed on the equalizer. After a corner it was finally so far: the substitute Chime Avila lurked at the edge of the penalty area and chased the ball with full risk in the left corner (86.). After a counterattack in the five-minute nighttime time, the householders even had the chance to go as a winner from the square, but the last pass ended in TER Steven’s hands (90. + 5).

The FC Barcelona reduces points again and remains on the eighth place for the time being. Ledlichlich three games could end the guests in the current season without goal out, which means a shared last place in this statistic. After all, the minimum destination is still within reach: The distance to the first Champions League qualifier is five points. Barça receives the FC Each (Live! BEI group stage), Sauna on Wednesday at the Cup at Deporting La Corona on Wednesday at 6.30 am next Saturday.