Mislinat to Bavaria

MITTENWALD, GERMANY: Bavaria's most idyllic small Alpine town
We played a good first half, at eye level. And we also had a good start to the second, with the 0: 2 but unfortunately lost the thread and too many mistakes made for an opponent like Bayern Munich, Pelegrín analyzed after the 0: 5-bankruptcy against Rekordmeister Bavaria, which allowed its already 31st success in Stuttgart — record.

Despite later teaching lesson also praise from the opponent

Despite the clear result, Sven Distinct did not want to go into court with his team: We have also come very well from the cabin up to the 60th minute. In the end it will be in the last 20 minutes to a lesson. That’s one With individual quality explain in the front third. That makes the difference, for that we do not have to be ashamed. Finally, also international top teams could sing a song of it, similarly disassembled, so the Stuttgart sports director continued.

There was also a praise from the opponent: Stuttgart has actually played very courageously and highly defended. This has caused us some time problems. But just in switching moments we could already play out our TopS peed, said Thomas Müller, who did not believe in it That the bold style of the CFB had played the record champion in the end of the cards.

Missing refers to last season

Due to the 0: 5 lost Stuttgart not only for the first time after three unbeaten lots, but could fall back to relegation rank 16 through a victory of Augsburg against Leipzig on Wednesday (20.30 clock).

Missing is still not dissatisfied with the first round of Swabia: Corona, injuries, Olympia and national player who are still very young, and first have to come into these topics — that’s our job. We have the chance in Cologne now the chance With a good result not much worse than last year, everything was very top. In fact, the CFB had 22 meters in the account a year ago — a brand that comes with a success in Cologne on Sunday (5.30 pm) at least nearby.