TCHIA returns to exploration mode for Game Awards

A summer wind has blown on the fresh night of Game Awards thanks to the AWA CEB studio, whose Chia always brings with him still so much sun and change of scenery.

Taking place on an archipelago inspired by New Caledonia, this adventure game mixing exploration, action and infiltration offers us to search for the treasures of this giant sandbox. The trailer of the day reveals the new mechanical of core transfer that allows to take control of almost all the animals on the island. It will therefore be allowed to slip into the skin of a parrot or fish to take a look at what happens in the heavens and seabed. TC HIA can even seep into an object of the decor, like a lantern or coconut, then project the object in question, a useful feature to surprise the enemies, we are told. To recover from his emotions, it will suffice to remove his ukulele and try to compose a decent air. TC HIA is aimed at an output in the spring 2022 on PS5, PS4 and PC.

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TC HIA — Gameplay Trailer (Game Awards 2021)