Ascent round Adieu Tornne Tornesch shoots HSV

The Hamburg SV came well into the game and controlled at the start of the game that happened, the risk did not beam the reds. After around a quarter of an hour, the Himself became more active and went through Moritz, who came to the head of header, in the lead (17th). Seconds later, the HSV had the great chance to compensate, but Jordan sat down a steady penalty on the left post. Ten minutes, the ball then fought in the Union er Tor. Nikon (29th) danced his opponent and took a measure of 1: 1. In the 36th minute Tones got no access again. Jansen picked up and met untenable for Base to HSV leadership. That was it with the glory of the reds.

The Ascent: Overkill achievement guide
For the second passage belonged to a few exceptions predominantly the hosts who extend after a mistake of Marcher in the 52nd minute by Dora. Just when the HSV did more, Union hit the third time. Down (76.) was sent to the trip and pushed smart past Marcher. A pointer revolution later did Down proved his qualities as a temporal encoder for Knottnerkus, which only had to insertion — 4: 2. Twice then Jansen tried — too inaccurately to get to the connection. Union. Union, on the other hand, remained dangerous and countered only to 5: 2 by Cliché (83.) and in the final minute to the 6: 2 final score by Down.

Tones remains despite the 6: 2 success at the end of the table, during the HSV for three outstanding games further five points are missing on the rise round.