Cuphead Date Your expansion The Delicious Last Course with a new trailer MS Chalice comes to give war

Cup head has won our love. It will be for the friendly of the characters of him, by the particular artistic style of him, for his catchy soundtrack or for the difficult of his levels. But, as far as it is, Studio MDR knows that we want more experiences around its star title. That is why he has been investing a lot of time in the next expansion of Cup head, something they present us at The Game Awards 2021 with a trailer and release date.

Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The Delicious Last Course will provide us with many hours of play along its new levels, which will maintain the level of difficulty seen in the base game. You can enjoy these challenges from June 30, 2022 on all the platforms in which you are already coup head, so you can already welcome you to MS Chalice, the new Playable Character.

But the novelties will not rotate only around the difficulty of the levels, since the creators have also improved the animations so features of the delivery: There are individual phases of heads at The Delicious Last Course that contain more animation frames That whole heads at the original coup head, and we believe that fans and new users will appreciate depth and detail in the exhibition, explains the co-director of MDR Studio, Chad Moldenhauer.

If you attract the challenges in video games, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the new expansion of Cup head, because we have classified the original title as an adventure of infernal difficulty. In addition, The Game Awards 2021 is leaving us a bookshop for all tastes, something we are covering from 3D games to discover everything that is preparing the video game industry.