BVB Jew Bellingham with heavy reproach against referee Felix Zwayer

The background of Bayern Munich starts in 1900. The club accesses the elite in 1965, two years after the creation of the Bundesliga. At that time, the Grand Club Munich is the TSV Munich 1860 which offers surge to top quality derbies. Yet it is really swiftly noticeable and surpasses his rival, specifically in cuts of Europe (cup triumph in 1967) as well as in the champion (success in 1969).
The history of the club is thoroughly linked to that of the three emblematic figures of German football from the 1970s: Franz Beckenbauer, the libero and also captain of the group of Germany, Herd Müller, the clever goat hunter, and the goalkeeper Sept Maier. At them 3, they create the structure, both in selection, which remains to win title on title (Euro 72 and also World Mug 74), that Bayern. The Bavarian triplet prospers the winners of the European Champions Club Mug to that of the Grand Ajax Amsterdam victor of the previous 3 versions: in 1974 (facing the Atlético de Madrid) and also imposes itself as the reference by winning this competitors once more in 1975 (Facing Leeds United) and finally in 1976 (dealing with AS Saint-Étienne). That year, the club additionally won its initial global mug against the Brazilian Club of Cruzado EC.
This wonderful period enables him to be the most well-known German clubs, confirmed standing in the 1980s and 1990s, where Bayern continues to amass national titles by winning ten times in the championship in between 1980 as well as 1999 and also playing three finals of Cup of Champions Clubs in 1982, in 1987 and also in 1999 without ever imposing there; Only a UEFA cup in 1996 is to place on its European listing. The Bayern develops his tale constantly on excellent players like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Other Matthews or Jürgen Kinsman.
The 2000s are the supremacy of the club that wins six championships in 9 years, the last in 2008, and also the Double of Intercontinental Cup Champions League in 2001. This period is linked with the names of Stefan Ehrenberg, Michael Black or Oliver Khan. Since the 1990s, thanks to an outstanding club monitoring by its leaders Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Franz Beckenbauer and his head of state of the Supervisory Board UPI Hotness, he is among the healthiest clubs in Europe. He proceeds to supply the bulk of players at the German group.
Throughout the 2007-2008 season, Bayern comes to be the seventh European club understood the tripled European Mug Championship-National Cup after Celtic Glasgow (1967), Ajax Amsterdam (1972), PSV Eindhoven (1988) Manchester United (1999), FC Barcelona (2009) as well as Inter Milan (2010).

Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham has reacted with a hard criticism of the performance of referee Felix Player at the Bundesliga top game between BVB and FC Bayern Munich (2: 3).

For me that was not a penalty. Hummel’s did not even look at the ball, and he is fighting for him, Bellingham said at the Norwegian station via play Football addressed the contentious scene, which led to the penalty for FC Bayern and the 3: 2 dictator.

The Englishmen continued: You can look at many other decisions in this game. What do you expect if you are a referee who was already involved in game manipulations, the largest game in Germany?

Bellingham played on the football betting scandal from 2005. Player belonged to the Berlin referees, which brought the former referee Robert Holder to the Former referee with their statements.

BVB: Bellingham’s reproach against Player

Afterwards, Player was blocked for six months because he did not register the famous game manipulation of Holder not until Welder Bremen II 300 Euro from Holder to help as a line judge to help avoid critical situations for Wuppertal. However, the verdict against Player was not published from DFB at that time, it was publicly known in 2014.

The displeasure of the Dortmund also resulted from the fact that previously a duel of Lucas Hernandez against Marco Reus had not been spoiled in the box of Bavaria.

Bellingham said: If one of the two situations must be checked, then the other. Bavaria’s penalty looked nothing in real time, but if he met his arm, it would have been fair. But Dortmund’s non-decision was a clearer Penalty.

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