Wow Patch 9 2 DataMining Signs of Gender neutral character options

The Detaining for Patch 9.2 by Wow Shadow lands runs in full swing. Datamyne Sinai has noticed something interesting in the game files. In the Lua files, there are signs that you can not only create male and female WoW characters in patch 9.2, but also select your alter ego as both (both) or none (none) can.

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Gender-neutral option still speculation

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Currently, these types of files are used only for armaments sets that change their appearance depending on gender — a Tran smog can be freely for women and use another texture than for men, which is noted with this index. At the same time, another robe that uses the same model for both sexes are marked as both. However, this is nothing new, all four options are included in the database files for at least multiple extensions, although None seems to never really used.

Add to Both The table concerns the documentation. This information is used in the hairdressing salon to change the gender and affects the appearance of the character as well as on different quest dialogues. The inclusion of both in the documentation could indicate to new options in the future, but is far from being confirmed.
WoW, Patch 9.2 Detaining: Signs of Gender Neutral Character Options (1) Source: Twitter.com @KeyboardTurn

WOW could follow

Theoretically, Blizzard could add these new options at any time to the hairdressing salon, although uncertain how this would actually be presented in the game. With Shadow lands, the developers have introduced the officially initial transgender character (Lagos), which apparently also will take the place of the judge in Tribes.

World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99) Would not be the first game that this idea struggles, because it is a growing trend in the industry. Games like Pyre, Saints Row 4 and New World already have options that allow players to choose their favorite pronouns while some other games break up traditional barriers by allowing players to make female hairstyles or makeup for men to use and to assign women male voices.

How do you find this change (if you really come so)? Write us in the comments.

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