Niantic Announces Details about Ultra Unlock Pokemon Go Events

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Pokémon Go survived where other similar games failed for good reason. Unlike Harry Potter, it is logical in the context of the series it emulates to travel and capture monsters. Harry Potter would have been very different if he had just caught Grip hook and had kept him in his pocket for seven pounds.

As part of the Ultra Unlock event, three distinct Ultra Unlock events were… Finally, ultra unlocked. From 13:00 PARS on July 31 to 1:00 pm on August 7 Dragon Week, which means that dragon types will appear more frequently and will hatch eggs. From 13 h 00 PDT on August 7 at 13:00 PDT on August 14 is Week of the enigma, and some of the most mysterious Pokemon (mainly those with a connection to space) will appear more frequently. The last week, of August 14 PDT at the 21st PDT, is Week Nova and will introduce part of the United States based region in the mix.

Unfortunately, while the Pokemon Fouffaulant is one of those who make their debut in Pokémon Go in Nova Week, the Pokemon Buffalo will only be found in and around New York City, so if you are not in the area You will have to count on the trades. To add the normal type to your TAM.

In addition, Scraggy appears as part of the Research Breakthrough meeting, which will begin at 1 pm on August 1st, and every Tuesday from 18:00, local time, is an hour Pokemon Spotlight, with a different Pokemon put in light.

Of course, if you go hunting the Pokemon, remember that we are living in unprecedented times. To avoid unnecessary trips to the Pokémon Center, make sure to maintain a social distance, wearing a mask and wash your hands frequently, and of course, be sure to respect the rules established by your local government. Security first, guys!

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