Frankfurt coach glassner of development positively surprised

Basically, the load control begins with the professionals in the morning after getting up. Our boys fill out a small questionnaire about their cellphone every day. In four questions, it’s about how they feel, explains Glaser. For example, if one or the other family man crows the little offspring all night, are you a bit flat the next day. That’s important to know to be able to assess the training performance, the coach finds.

Software, yoga, free days — so avoids Contract injuries

A software evaluates the daily feedback: I always hope for many green lights, because then they feel good. It’s about finishing out biases up and down. These subjective parameters are supplemented by objective values, among others the creatine kinase, to which the former Contract trainer Nike Kovacs paid attention. And of course we have all the physical data from every workout and game, continues Slasher, From the subjective and objective parameters we will win a very good picture. It helps nothing if the objective parameter says: You are in a great condition but feel completely broken. Both must fit together. The individual load is accordingly permanently coordinated. This also fits that the national players last after returning from the international matches two days to recovery was released.

At the beginning of December, the entire squad is available

But that’s not all, for better mobility, the club now also offers yoga classes. By moving to the newly built professional camp you also have also in the diet all the possibilities to provide the boys very well, reports the coach. The result of all these measures can be seen: It is an exceptional situation to have the entire squad at the beginning of December. Large compliment to our athletic and medical department.

In the playful area and in terms of balance, we may even have made a bigger step forward than expected.

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Oliver glassier

Accordingly, Glaser can send his strongest eleven on Saturday in Sondheim on Saturday. Well possible, that he will not make any changes compared to the past three games. In the last three games, I have been very positively surprised by the team. In the playful area and in terms of balance, we may even have made a bigger step forward than expected, but the 47-year-old pleases, but pushes a reminder immediately : That means nothing for the remaining five mandatory games until Christmas. We have to prove ourselves on every game day. I had the impression that the players are very concentrated in training this week.

Glaser sees Cl candidate in Cofferdam

At the TSG he expects an extremely difficult away game, Cofferdam, specifically in the offensive about incredibly many weapons. Also in the league comparison he sees the upcoming opponent wide front. This is a very good team, which will play around the Champions League places, I am convinced, says Glaser.

He does not want to talk his own team in no way. We are in a very good shape, emphasizes the Austrians and refers to the breast who has become wider through the youngest victories: Our biggest lever in the last games was self-confidence. The signs are thus right, since Frankfurt won the last six games against Cofferdam all. However, this statistics does not trust Glaser about the way: That’s like stock prices. The past says nothing about the future.