FC Bayern definitely from empty ranks ghost game

Rekordmeister Bayern Munich will definitely have to play empty ranks in the future. The announced Bavaria Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), which demands ghost games in all German football stadiums, before the federal state consultations on the Corona Pandemic on Tuesday. The nationwide return of the Bundesliga games excluding public is also considered safe.

It makes no sense to gain viewers again, said Sober in Br: It is an important requirement that today we decide nationally that we do not make any viewers in the future. If that does not work at the federal level, we would not work Make alone for Bavaria.

Sober founded the step on Twitter: The high mobility in arrival and departure is currently not responsible. The football has a great role model function. We now have to reduce contacts everywhere.

The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and its designated successor Olaf Scholz (SPD) advised from noon with the heads of government and chiefs of the countries about the Corona situation. The calls after a tightening of protective measures and restrictions had become again louder in recent days. The reason is the high infection numbers and the dissemination of the new omicron variant.

That the ghost games are introduced throughout Germany again seems to be clear. We have to go back to recreational events, said the Managing Chancellor’s Minister Hedge Braun (CDU) in IDF Morgenmagazin: That the last weekend there was still great Bundesliga games with tower thousands of visitors, in the face of the dramatic situation in the country is no longer to answer.

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Similarly, Green Chef Robert Ha beck said. The Bundesliga does not have to play in full stages. That’s already possible and would have been prohibited on the last weekend, said, We will certainly find a solution in the switching of Prime Minister with Miss Merkel and Mr. Schulz, that Exactly that will be left in the future. It was a mistake that the Bundesliga has played on the last to the full stages. That’s completely clear, you should have been supposed to stop.

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