FC Bayern News and Rumors M ller gives curious interview Ballon d Or Lewandowski for FCB

Bayern Munich (Fuzzball Club Bayern Munich E.v.) is a German Omnivores club based on February 27, 1900, and also based in Munich, Bavaria. The team has been playing given that 1965 in Bundesliga as well as is nicknamed Rekordmeister (in French: owner of the titles record ), he is one of the most entitled European club of the 21st century (2nd worldwide).
Obtaining its first successes in the Bavarian Championships, the club promptly wins in notoriety and also wins its first national title in 1932. Denounced by the Nazi regime as Jewish club, its growth is reduced until the end of the 2nd World War. Ultimately founding member of the South Oberlin, the club stands apart by winning the DFB-Pokal, the German Mug, in 1957 however does not receive the very first expert championship. FC Bayern joins the Bundesliga in 1965 as well as is quickly developed in Candor of the Champion, including 4 titles in between 1969 and also 1973. Triple European Champion of Clubs in between 1974 and also 1976, the FCB then wins an international card verified by a title in intercontinental section in 1976.
10 times champ of Germany in between 1980 and also 1999, victor of the UEFA Mug 1996 and three times finalist of C1 in 1982, in 1987 as well as in 1999, the club, then led by the previous International Franz Beckenbauer verifies its dominant placement on German and also international football by finishing a global champions-cup league in 2001. Author of a nationwide triplet in 2008 where he wins the Liga-Pokal, the DFB-Pokal and also the Bundesliga, FC Bayern is once more visible By winning the Champions League, the UEFA super cap as well as the Club Globe Cup in 2013, where the Club has built up 9 successive titles of Germany champion, the last gotten in 2021. Bayern Munich likewise knows A fantastic rivalry with Borussia Dortmund. Both clubs have met in a summit at the top: the final of the 2013 Champions League won 2-1 by the Bavarians.
In 2020, regardless of the confinement that occurred from March till June, Bayern wins for the second time in its background the tripled Germany-Cup Champions Championship Champion. By engaging in the following season the super cropper of Germany 2020, the UEFA 2020 super cap and also the FIFA 2020 Globe Cup, it amounts to the efficiency completed by FC Barcelona in 2009 by winning all titles. ‘A club can win in a schedule year.

Thomas Müller has filed for the turbulent annual meeting of Bayern Munich in typical fashion the events. The attacker was also on hand a few serious words. Overlooking the Ballon d’Or it can for him and FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann be only one winner: Robert Lewandowski. News and rumors Around FC Bayern can be found here.

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FC Bayern News: Müller are curious TV interview

Thomas Müller has worked in a curious TV interview on the events of the turbulent annual meeting of Bavaria on Thursday. At the same time the national team also appreciated with serious words, the situation.

There were many circumstances around this event, Mueller said initially after the 1: 0 victory of Bayern against Armenia Bielefeld at Sky : What have I taken, is that the dialogue has not taken place satisfactorily, at least if you ask the members. Because it’s not about Qatar, but are there must now speak among the members, the fans and the club, as well as a bit of each other is talked past. This also has to do with provocations. One provokes the other, which makes the club provoked the fans.

To the objection of Sky -Reporters Sebastian Hellman, the annual meeting is a place for dialogue with the members, said Mueller: I’m no expert, but an annual general meeting is in the first three hours first — in quotes — from boring reports I. do not know if this is the right place for discussions, because the exchange takes place at 0.30 am.

Müller: Load up as experts on the agenda an

Then a witty dialogue between Müller and the reporter, which concerned the difference between applications, polls, and a dialogue developed. Now you’ve got a little confused. When it comes to applications, it’s all about votes, Mueller said finally towards Hellman. The vote was never anyway to the debate when it comes to the Qatari sponsorship now… continued Hellman — then replied Müller: You have now moved straight into a pot.

Hellman said that it is about the dialogue. In the request it was indeed a matter that is also to vote on the Qatari sponsorship. This is not so and that’s legally and clarified, the reporter said. When he came to speak to the demand of the Bavaria president Herbert Gainer for dialogue, Müller interrupted him: I just tried to say that this must now be taken What will happen then is not my cup I knew. Not that you’re so one year General Meeting specialist with processes, applications, voting rights and so — but you can always learn something new.

LEWANDOWSKI WON THE BALLON D'OR?! MESSI LOST! An incredible twist in the fight for Ballon D'or 2021!

After Müller concluded by stressing that the visibility was not definitely good and he jokingly on the exceeded speaking time ( We are now a long time over the six Minutes ) pointed out, he ended the conversation yet with a humorous saying in direction Hellman At the next annual meeting of my own curling club I will invite you as experts on the agenda.

FC Bayern News: Ballon d’Or? Müller for Lewandowski

From the perspective of Bayern Munich, there can be only one: Robert Lewandowski! Get Lewy has this thing — ready, said team-mate Thomas Müller on the award of the Ballon d’Or by France Football on Monday. I stress again that it deserves no more players than Robert. There is no question, assisted coach Julian Nagelsmann.

The coveted trophy was in 2008, however, with one exception always Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi — 2018 won Luka Modrić. Last year, the Ballon d’Or was not awarded due to the pandemic. For Lewandowski, says that he called the eternal Bundesliga record of Herd Muller has surpassed last season, scoring 41 goals this season. In addition, Nagelsmann called the unbelievable attitude, the 33-year-olds to his profession. He always hits himself in. If he leans back, he comes back up and does a sit-up.

The coach will Lewandowski fingers crossed on site, also CEO Oliver Khan, head of motorsport, Hasan Salihamidzic and President Gainer have announced in Paris. He’s absolutely deserved, Mueller said in Sky, since we do not need to discuss when I see what he not only gives us, but also makes with the Polish national team -. Which is much more difficult than in a real top team.

This was underlined by the former Bundesliga player Artur Wichniarek. If Robert should win the Ballon d’Or, it would be the crowning achievement of his very strong performance, he said, Then he still has us in Qatar make a world champion, and then he can stop.

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