What had almost everything began with Bavaria s JHV Chaos

By 0.28 o’clock the annual general meeting of FC Bayern started at 19 o’clock lasted. And she had a lot to offer. Many trophies. Many thanks and praise hymns. But also a lot of criticism. And in the end a huge tumult. The Supervisory Boardscribes the scenes that would almost go undergone with all the chaos.

Corona: Due to the pandemic and the current regulation in the Free State of Bavaria, only one utilization capacity of 25 percent was allowed. That would have been 1700 people who had demurred in the Audi Dome. However, only 780 came from the total of more than 292,000 members of the record champion.

LEROY SANÉ: He was the only provider from the current team. The 25-year-old brought the bowl from the past season into the hall at the beginning of the event. And he followed the events in the first row for about one and a half hours before he went home.

Joshua Gimmick: So far, the Bavaria bosses always said that they accept Gimmick’s decision because there is no vaccination in Germany, but the 26-year-old did not receive a 26-year-old. About it, the midfielder had not recently been happy. This time, regardless of the debates, President Herbert Gainer faced the professional. The Club Haunt again realized that the attitude of the association is clearly per vaccine, but It is not all right to publicly put our Joshua Gimmick to the pillory, says Gainer: We are standing for our players and face our players Protective before you.

Julian Nagelsmann: The head coach, for which it logically was the first annual general meeting as Bavaria coach, was there all evening. In the Karo suit he observed the discussions from the first row. When leaving the hall, he still gave autographs and said to a fan desire, who expects a victory against Bielefeld on Saturday, smirking, That surprises me now. After all, Nagelsmann’s humor has not completely lost this evening.

Oliver Khan: For him, it was the first annual general meeting in a leading function. When I started here at Bavaria, that was a special feeling, says the CEO: A sense of home, from home. To be in the place again where I was allowed to experience 14 years of my life great experiences. Now he is boss, the CEO, who told the one that he will travel next week to the award of the balloon d’Or, although the FCB has a Supervisory Board meeting on this day. Because: With 41 goals Robert Lewandowski has set a record last season, which is probably never broken anymore — except maybe himself, says Khan: He is the best player in the world. It would deeply disappoint me if he was deeply disappointed Price would not win. Nobody has earned it more than he. And on the other hand, the former world-class keeper was still thanking his predecessor Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Thank you, Clear-Heinz, that you held me one and a half years, says Khan: You have to do that first. He has learned a lot at this time and was well-prepared by Rummenigge on this task.

Maximilian Joseph: The First King of Bavaria

Rummenigge says at short notice

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: The FC Bayern excreted in July was not on all on Thursday evening. He said shortly. Understandable, at a larger event in pandemia times. But the speakers of the record champion thanked him several times for his merits. A big farewell ceremony is certainly still made up.

UPI Honey: It was an unfamiliar picture not to see the Honorary President on the podium. Honey sat in series one, next to Dr. Edmund Striker, who also belongs to the Supervisory Board. For the longtime Bavaria maker it was not a nice evening. The mood among the members, that is in his club, he was always important to him — this time she gets out of control. Why he said later to the Supervisory Board: That was the worst event I have ever experienced at Bavaria. I have to sleep one night.

Flick gets the loudest applause of the evening

Hans Flick: First, the recently adopted players Jerome Boating, David Alba, Java Martinez and Thiago (in the fall of 2020) were honored and celebrated; and their merits for the club repealed again. A little later a huge thank you to Herman Garland. But really loud — with applause from all sides — it was, as President Gainer, thanked the Triple coach Hans Flick for his time and all the successes. It was the loudest applause of the evening.