The creator of Silent Hill to a designer of Mega Man and Devil May Cry for his next horror game

The influence of Panchito Obama In the genus of Survival Horror is indisputable, since a hole has been made in the video game sector for its performance as the Creator of Silent Hill. However, the professional abandoned She Japan Studio a few months ago to found Both Game Studio, news that he has given along with first brushstrokes about him. Now, Obama wanted to give more news about the project and confirms that he works with Satsuma Oshawa, a designer who has participated in franchises such as Mega Man or Devil May Cry.

DmC: Devil May Cry - What Happened? (ft. Derek from SSFF)
This has been seen in the last video of Both Game Studio on YouTube, where it is allowed to lightly see what there is behind the development of your next title. After all, we do not know many details about the work beyond Obama’s declarations and images of the most mysterious. However, we now know that one of the character designers in the saga of Dante or Breath of Fire is added to the template.

Although Obama had already captured the interest of the public with him in Silent Hill and first sketches of the first Both Game Studio horror game, the new video of the developer presents the participation of Oshawa and some Extra Conceptual Images. In this sense, it has been revealed the design of the main characters, whose aesthetics joins those proprietary universes of the creator of Silent Hill.

Therefore, he will be able to wait for upcoming Both Game Studio ads to know the development of his game and the deepest participation of Oshawa. So far, it has been confirmed that the title will see the light in 2023 and that, following with the characteristic branch of the Creator, it will be included in the gender of terror.