We reveal a Hearthstone

We from Mango reveal a new card of the coming hearthstone extension split in the antenatal. See what Palatine can look forward to.

Even if Hearthstone has received the new mercenary mode only a few weeks ago and a small mini-set for the last extension, the next set is already quasi in the starting blocks. With 135 new cards is also in split in the antenatal again a lot offered and numerous improvements for existing decks and suggestions for whole new ark types are offered.

This time, we also exclusively reveal one of the new cards that you can pull out packages in a few weeks.

New Paladin Servant: Messingschwing

One of the new Palatine cards in split in the antenatal will be the Bras swing (Bras swing). This is a dragon that will pop up in the game late, because it costs proud 8 manas and comes with solid values ​​of 9 attack and 7 lives. Besides, it is of epic quality — so it can take a while until you pull it from card packs.

Add to that comes an effect that is running at the end of each own train: The brass swing adds 2 damage to all enemies.

But not enough. The effect honorable victory is also involved and heals the owner of the brass swing around 4 lifestyles.

What is honorable victory ?
The buzzword honorable victory is new with the extension split in the antenatal and can be found on a whole series of cards. The keyword comes with a certain effect therefore, which is always positive for the owner of the card. For the effect to be activated, the card with honorable victory must destroy a servant with accurate damage.
That is, if a servant still has 2 life points, the attacking card must cause exactly 2 damage so that the effect of honorable victory is triggered.

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How to put the brass swing the best? Although the brass swing arm is quite expensive with 8 manas, it fulfills several purposes and is quite versatile. Because in addition to their powerful values ​​that make them a real threat on the battlefield, they fulfill even more functions:

A pretty strong surface effect that can clean the battlefield.
An integrated healing that restores 4 life points at the Paladin every time about exact damage.

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Of course, the brass swing will also fulfill a role as an emergency finisher if the opposing hero has only 1 or 2 life points. After all, the effect at the end of the train also meets the enemy hero.

Who sent it sent and prepared the battlefield accordingly — or about 7 grants of a druid in front of him — who can restore in a single train with the brass swinger whopping 28 life points and heal it completely.

Of course, in most cases, the brass swing will not be able to heal 28 life points. But alone a healing of 4, 8 or 12 in connection with the defeat of some servants, the game can tear around and thwart the deadly finisher of the opponent.

When does the new extension appear? The new extension already appears in a few weeks. On December 7, the new card set will be released. Usually this happens in the early evening hours. Until then, the remaining cards are still revealed.

What do you think of the card Brass Swing ? A cool supplement for many paladin decks? Or too situational to really make a benefit?

We have introduced more new cards from the upcoming enlargement here.