Rode and Trapp Assuming descent

The word descent camp had recently set to the index on the index — although his team with nine numbers from ten games was fully moved in the red zone. But the boss stopped for too early to correct seasonal goals.

Not only was the balance sheet worrying, but also the constitution of the team of coach Oliver Glaser. Roche attitude, nevertheless not to bring the situation to the point, did not seem to be risky.

Drovers may feel confirmed

In the meantime, of course, cross may feel absolutely confirmed. On the one hand, since the Contract after the Happy 2: 1 in Fürth now celebrated with a convincing 2-0 at the SC Freiburg the second IGAS in a row and has deposed in the midfield. On the other hand, because it became clear: team interns had been accepted by the relegation battle very well — without the need for a public announcement of the boss would have been necessary.

In any case, the betraying in Freiburg the statements of Captain Sebastian Rode and Kevin Trap. How important the victory was, we do not have to tell, said the keeper Via DAZN, We have seen that Augsburg won and spotted Bielefeld. We knew: Were going to take care that we do not have to slip on. And Rode explained, We have seen how the competition has played down there. Added to this addition: Now we look at us so that we do not have to look at the others as possible.

To convince playfully, we fall even hard this year.

Sebastian Rode

Noteworthy: An additional burden on the Contract professionals has been so far the own footballing claim thinking, as the midfielder reveals: We have shown very, very good football in the last three years. Since you have a certain self-understanding that you can convince playfully can. Thats hard for us this year.

Sufficient tailwind for the third league victory in series?

The appearance in Freiburg also marked a step forward in this regard: In the first half we have played well, fought a lot in the second half. Then you can win such a game, says Trap comprehensible. Rodes expectation: That turns us hopefully tailwind to make the next games positive.

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