FC Bayern But no cars

The Augsburg er Panther is a German ice hockey team (main abbreviation: AEV) from the Bavarian-Swabian Augsburg, which is currently playing in the German Ice Hockey Organization. In 1994, the establishing member of the organization was contracted out to a limited liability company of the Augsburg Eislaufverein AEV founded in 1878, the origin club is still liable for the junior area. The largest success of the club, whose teams will certainly release their house video games considering that 1936 in the ice arena on the abrasive trench (given that 1971 Curt-Frenzel Stadium), was the revenue of the Vice-Champion in 2010 along with the earnings of the second division champion in 1994. The club shades of the Augsburg Panther are red, eco-friendly and also white.

The preparation for the away game in Augsburg (Friday, 20.30 clock, live! At applies) runs slightly differently at FC Bayern than usual — but the Bundesliga leader around a group formation at the arrival is still around.

While the healthy and vaccinated players cover the approximately 80 kilometers on Friday in the team bus and refer a day hotel, the FCB initially planned to chauffeur the unburdened players with the car to play, because in Bavaria in hotels the 2G regulation applies. On Wednesday afternoon then the hotel and restaurant association spread that there should be a derogation for business travelers.

On this Thursday, the Bavaria bosses want to talk to the uncovered

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And then? For the Champions League game in Kiev next Tuesday (18.45, live! At applies) there are no obstacles to this kind, for the Bundesliga top game at Borussia Dortmund on 4 December but may already. If 2g also applies to hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia, a plan of Bavaria decision makers envisages the rental of an apartment on site.

On this Thursday, the club leadership with the uncovered professionals wants to lead further discussions. On Wednesday, it became known that the vaccinated and recent Josie Statistic to Niklas See has infected another Bavaria professional with the Coronavirus, with two Staff members.

The unrelated players at the record champion include the German international Joshua Gimmick, Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musial, who had to leave the positive test from the DFB district after Sure s positive test and have to go in quarantine. After four days with daily cyber training, the Trio has meanwhile resumed the team training.

2g, 3G, mask? This applies to the 12th match day in the Bundesliga stadiums