Activision Blizzard Kotick lies Tone Deaf

Bobby Kick stands by a report of the Wall Street Journal powerful under fire. He himself knew about the sexual attacks at Blizzard and was a perpetrator himself. Again and again he equipped prosecutors and employees. As it turned out of the report, however, these statements are hyped and considered only to damage control. It becomes clear that the CEO is not really careful about better employment, but only want to true the glow.

Damage control

When the sexism scandal was known at Blizzard in the summer of this year, one tried to operate as much damage in the leadership as possible and to return the details of the law of the state of California against the company under the table.

The then still quite freshly set Fran Townsend saw the incident as an opportunity to send an e-mail to the workforce as Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, in which they denied the allegations against the company. Employees found this email disgusting and offensive and then wrote a fire letter to the leadership floor, which included multiple receivables for better employment relationships.

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The boss reacts

CEO Bobby Kick reacted to the mail from Townsend and called the Mail Tone Deaf. As it turns out the report of the Wall Street Journal now, but it was Kick himself, who was responsible for the e-mail. To protect the appearance to the outside, so he did the same as Whether the e-mail from Townsend would come, and he knew nothing about it, then it says.

In the e-mail, which Kick wrote in July about the lawsuit from California, it means that it contains factually false, old and torn stories. According to internal documents and persons who are familiar with the matter, Kick approves most internal enterprise-wide e-mails and also the answers to the media.

He gave the instruction that the email of Frances Townsend, a former official of the Bush government, which came to Activision at the beginning of the year and is one of the few female executives of the company, to the employees.

Townsend under fire

The Activision employees criticized the statement and Townsend in the social media, and later organized a work festival. Townsend apologized for the statement with a company-led women s group of the company, participating in the hundreds of Activision employees. Some told their own harassment stories and asked why Activision does not care about them, as evidenced by a recording of the meeting. The employees demanded Townsend to resign as director of this group. As is apparent from the documents, she did that — But that was officially rather under the carpet.


Alaska, spokeswoman of Activision, said Mr. Kick assumes responsibility for the incident and regret him. Mrs. Townsend should not be held responsible for this mistake, she said.

Bobby Kick ruled back and called the former explanation of Townsend publicly as Tone Deaf. We will do everything to make sure that we will improve and build the type of integrative workplace, which is essential for the promotion of creativity and inspiration, he said in a new message to the employees.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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