McLaren denies media report on fixed sale to Audi

The McLaren MP4/4, additionally called the McLaren-Honda MP4/4, is among one of the most effective Formula One auto styles of all time. Powered by Honda s RA168E 1.5-litre V6-turbo engine and driven by teammates Alain Post as well as Aaron Senna, the vehicle completed during the 1988 Formula One period. It was designed by American designer Steve Nichols, the complete obligation for the design of the chassis having been given on him by Ron Dennis. Gordon Murray, as Technical Supervisor, had the role of communicating in between the drawing workplace and production.

Honda had made the Constructors Championship-winning engines of 1986 as well as 1987, and also for 1988 they changed companions from Williams to McLaren, who had fought with their outdated TAG-Porsche engines. Murray set specifications for Nichols that the MP4/4 needed to be a low-lying car, the idea being originated from his Graham BT55, and also Nichols, designing around Murray s criteria, based it on the MP4/3 from 1987 using the exact same style concepts, however with more time, different components (smaller gas storage tank, smaller sized engine, for instance) as well as different policies the vehicle was a considerable development.
The Honda-powered MP4/4 is among one of the most dominant Formula One cars ever before built, winning all but one race as well as asserting just about one pole placement in the 1988 period.

A media report has taken care of on Monday for excitement in automotive and motorsport circles. The British magazine AutoCAD reported, Audi bought the British sports car manufacturer McLaren. The McLaren Group demented. She is aware of a media report, after which she was sold to Audi, it said in an official statement: This is completely inaccurate. McLaren strives to remove the message.

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However, McLaren s technology strategy contains have always discussed discussions and cooperation with relevant partners and suppliers, including other car manufacturers, it continued, but the owner structure of the McLaren Group has not changed.

The Volkswagen Group with its brands Audi and Porsche is intended to have a strong interest in the entry into Formula 1, where McLaren has been represented since 1966 with a racing team. Porsche was finally interested in cooperation with the Red Bull team.

The motorsport royal class plans from 2026 a new engine regulations, to which simpler drives are to be used. This should make interested parties tasty. Audi and Porsche hold covers, fundamental interest was last but not ridden. As the trade magazine car engine and sport first reported, interested parties for Formula 1 entry must decide until 15 December.

Currently, Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda are factory in Formula 1. The Japanese, so far a partner of Red Bull and Alphatauri, but pull back with the end of the season.

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